Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mcleod's Daughters and Second Sub

Hurrah. Today I made the bold move of finally (after much prevaricating) printing off Here Comes Heaven as a partial for a new pubber who might just like it... I know I took an age to do it (sorry Saskia) but I've finally completed the task.

It's sitting on the dining room table so I can go post the sucker tomorrow. Yeeha.

Hurrah Two. Mcleod's Daughters (most fantabulous Aussie TV show ever) is back on. Life is again sweet. I love this show! And I get a touch obsessive about it when it's on. It packs emotional punch and I love the Drover's Run homestead setting. Anyway without further ado...and because these two could easily swap for the heroine and hero in Here Comes Heaven...here's Dave and Kate from the show...and a squidgy fabby droolable pic of the boys from MD. Enjoy! Cute aren't they?

Monday, July 17, 2006

In Full Voice

Ever read someone else's writing and thought - my oh my oh my. Why am I bothering?

That happened to me this weekend. A lovely person I rather admire sent me her work and I was humbled nay gobsmacked nay panting for more. Needless to say I'll be pre0rdering when published *unless of course she lets me read the odd stray one beforehand* She's great and going to get there very soon if not imminently.

But the good news is - an abundance of talent is a great thing. Cos we can all learn from it. And this writer gives me great hope that being abundant in your own voice, using your own style unashamedly has to be good. Don't tweak it and prune it back - celebrate and let it flow. It's what makes your writing special and even if it needs trimming at final proof - be true and creative and don't hold back. These are good rules to follow.

Deep point of view rocks.
I'm living by that right now as I rewrite my very first ms (first titled Pitching In). And now with the working title Kilted Callum. Stay tuned. But I truly think it's getting better - thanks to being in full voice.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Secret Squirrel

I can't say what but I've got a couple of secrets. One's a big one that has to keep underwraps.
Both are good secrets/scary secrets but ultimately ones I have to keep to myself.
And one involves a book...that I've done something with...
So stay tuned.
And see if anything transpires. Pretty soon I might have another book secret on the go too.

P.S. I am delighted to commend the fact that ITV now has Celebrity Love Island on every night. Tis sad to admit but I'm a fan. Though I suspect this year's offering will be dire. Shame!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Got My RNA Report

Well it came today. The awaited pro crit of Dirty Doctor (which I was naturally dreading after getting a form r a few days ago on the partial!) But it's good news.

  • It just missed getting a second read because of a couple of minor issues
  • It's 'very close' to publication standard (yeh - cool!)
  • The story was compulsive reading and the characters went down a treat
  • Apparently my scene construction is very well done (huzzah!)
  • Motivations and emotional side weren't a problem at all and character vulnerabilities worked well
  • Only real problem issue - language and style have to be more transparent in Meds and maybe my voice isn't quite Meds...

But then I'm kinda beginning to think that myself

The great news is in spite of the R - the reader thinks I'm almost there. WOAH!

The river may be wide and filled with snapping crocs but my rowing technique gets slicker every try! (I made that up myself - okay I'll get my coat and shut up already!!!)

Finally - just want to put in a HUGE HUG of mega thanks to my darling CP who helped me out so much with the Meds Manuscript. It may not be a flyer but it's helped me learn so much it's been mega! Cheers bub - you're a gem!


Monday, July 03, 2006

Excitement Factor Fifty!

I'm glad I spilled on yesterday's blog because...I've had some very productive think time that's finally making the light spil onto a conundrum I've had for a few weeks now.

Digging. Conflict. Deep emotional layers.
These words have been going round in my head making me think angsty, neurotic character thoughts - characters with baggage and issues who're slowly getting all the fun sucked out of 'em.

The light's gone on. Angst isn't deep emotion or conflict.
And now Gav's more appealing than ever to start to write afresh - because I've just realised where I've been getting it all wrong.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Confession Time

It's time to fess up about the mystery behind my new blog. I feel the need to spill.

I suddenly needed a change of attitude because this week I got a rejection that shook me. I know I'm supposed to harden myself to rejection but I guess I had a lot of hope in what I'd sent off and hadn't anticipated a knock back at this stage.
It hurt. Coupled with my other 'good rejection' from weeks ago it had me spinning out.
Not because I think I'm brilliant, flawless and the best thing next to old fashioned chutney
with best Scottish cheese. It hurt simply because I'd put a lot of my heart into that book.

But what's the point in shedding tears over a manuscript that was probably in the wrong direction anyhow?

So here's a new attitude and a new name and blog.
I'm bouncing back. I'm here. I may have suffered casualties but I'm going to toughen up and knuckle down to what the editor says I'm good at instead of shoving ahead into other dead end directions.

Focus counts. So does fortitude and feistiness. Lead on! I'm coming through.

There endeth the first lesson.

New Start - New Blog

Hey - I've got a new blog. Why?
It's a long story. And not a very interesting one to recount - so suffice to say I'm having a make-over, a clear out, sorting out my chakras and cleansing in a blog Feng Shui type way.
So welcome to my new blog and my new start.
We'll start having some japes here soon!

I used to write under the penname Jess Denny
Here's my old blog - we shared many happy ramblings:
But we all have to move on...and right now that's what I'm doing. And hey...Judy Jarvie's cool. I'm liking the new me.