Thursday, August 24, 2006

I Love Cam

Today I am loving my hero Cameron. I know that sounds cheesy - not because I've written him. Just because he's done some really nice things lately - and lusted largely after my heroine - and it's made me like him even more.

He's honourable, he's one of life's watchers although he'll happily do too when the chips are down, he's gorgeous, his body is TRULY FIT and best of all - he's amazing at hugs and kisses. I'm enjoying him.
And Michael Vartan still fits him a treat.
Here's to - hopefully - a productive weekend where two more chapters come to pass. jx

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Real McCoy

I've just rewritten an's about whisky. And it inspired me to blog about it.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go the RNA's Scottish Luncheon (as previously blogged about). It was very inspiring and I'm so glad I went.

As well as meeting some great new people, talking to other writers (big buzza buzz thrill) and getting some insights from pubbed writers...I got the chance to wander up and down Edinburgh's Royal Mile. Where my current book is set (in some parts). I really enjoyed it.

So today - prompted by my inspiring Edinburgh jaunt - I'm researching whisky...and my intro is back on track. Hurrah.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Cameron Angelo

Well - now you've seen Fergal. Nice isn't he? Though I have to confess he did start out life as Gerry Butler but he's changed a bit. Now on to the current WIP Sipping Bliss. This hero has gone through quite a bit of change (poor soul) cos he was in my very very first manuscript. One that's been rattled around a lot right from the very basic bones of the 120,000 (yes I did write 120,000 - misguided moi) that the very first version totalled. Anyway Sipping Bliss has been through changes (a major edit for MnB after professional editor advice; then after MnB rejected it after requesting a full manuscript, I rejigged it again for a contest; it got good scores but didn't final and I was advised to send it to other romance contests in future which I've now done).

Anyway it's now undergoing another transformation and the hero - recently called Callum - has just changed names again to Cameron and that is fitting him much better. As is the photo of the hero here. Michael Vartan a.k.a Cameron Angelo. Don't ask about the Angelo - blame it on his mother. And you'll just have to read the book for the ins and outs about that.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This pic is for Nat.
For the simple reason it's inspiring me for writing Fergal beach scenes right now.
Don't know who he is, where it was taken but maaaaan is it working. And why wouldn't it - check out the abs!!

Yes I Am Still Alive

Hello - yes I know it's been an age but I do have a good excuse (called the school hols and small dd has been needing lots of fun and frolics leaving minimal me or writing time to be had).

So here's an update:
  • I submitted a manuscript first titled Here Comes Heaven but now with the brand new name HOT RESOLVE to Little Black Dress. Status - no word.
  • I submitted Daredevil Doctor to another nameless but genuine calibre publisher who are launching a new imprint. Status - no word. But should I not hear in a couple of months or receive a negative response I've identified another possible place for submission - huzzah!
  • I've been working away like a demented writing pygmy on Sipping Bliss. Quite happy with progress!
  • I've also been working away like a ferret in a frenzy on the manuscript previously titled Losing To Love Island. Now called Honeymoon Hussled. And I'm happy with progress.
  • I've been doing something even more exciting and life changing than any of the above which I won't post about but which is so far going well.
  • I've entered the RWA East Texas Chapter Southern Heat 2006 contest in two categories - the organiser is lovely and I'm glad I'm going for it. Results due December 06.
  • I'm scheduled to be going to the RNA Scottish Lunch next week - where lots of other far more exciting people than me will get together to celebrate major lifetime writing achievements of Lady Mary Stewart, Rosamunde Pilcher and Lucilla Andrews = I am very excited and pleased to be attending. Here's the info for anyone interested

The Romantic Novelists Association is holding a luncheon at the Scottish Parliament - courtesy of Robin Harper MSP - on Friday 18th August to honour the lifetime achievements of Mary Stewart, Rosamunde Pilcher and Lucilla Andrews. Lady Stewart is unable to leave Argyll but both Mrs Pilcher and Mrs Andrews will attend. It should be a great event.

Good eh? So that's what I've been doing.

What remains to be done is to decide which out of the two manuscripts currently underway I'm going to choose to send with my comps slip to HMB. Decisions...decisions...decisions! Wanna help me choose?