Saturday, December 30, 2006


It's finished.

No not 2006. Well that's nearly gone...I'm talking my manuscript - the one that needs to go out the door next week. Sipping Bliss is done. Thank you lovely CP Nat for your invaluable help:)

So I've finished it. Just got a final read-through and I'm there - it can go. I'm very pleased.

I love the hero, I dig the heroine. I've done as best as I can. So what will be will be.

Happy New Year to all readers. It's been a rollercoaster ride in 2006 - I have a feeling 2007 is going to be fantastic for you all! Now go enjoy and follow your dreams.


Here's some pics - inspiration came from these two for this book. Minnie Driver and Michael Vartan - an odd couple? I don't think so - in fact to me they were PERFECT!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Final Countdown

Yesterday was a very productive writing day on my journey towards doing the final rejig on SB. Today I'm aiming to finish it so that tomorrow I can do the BDPO (big darn print out) on Father's trusty printer which doesn't guzzle juice like mine! So that's the plan.

And my kindly...learned...sassy...and very wise CP Natalie (hey she's out with MnB as Natalie Anderson in May 2007 to watch out world!) is going to try to run her expert eye over it. Then next week it'll be all systems go to mail it out.

As I said - that's the plan. Now gotta go do it.

Oh and today (and yesterday) I am mostly listening to Take That - Patience. Guess who got a TT album from DH for Xmas?

P.S. The baby is getting bigger. He/she is keeping me awake - and has a particular fondness for partying from four a.m. They don't tell you this in the pregnancy books!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Christmas One And All

Here's wishing you a Very Merry Christmas - the picture here shows a tree that has always been close to my heart. The fairylit Spangly Xmas tree on The Mound, Edinburgh. For years I've looked at it and smiled.

So here's to a wonderful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2007. Many congrats to Julie Cohen whose new baby Nathaniel was born yesterday - that beats all sparkly wrapped pressies doesn't it? This year I got the best pressies ever too - this will be a very special Christmas. jx

Monday, December 18, 2006

Working Away Like An Elf!

In case you think I'm slacking...I'm working away writing.

So far I've repolished up to Chapter Eight. It's getting there - with a tiny final layer in my head I have to get down soon. Am going to bed early tonight to do some notes (because it's been waking me - and Jellybean too - naughty Jelly) at 4am!

So - to recap. Most of the Xmas preps are done and right now I'm busy with the manuscript. I so want to get this right. Hopefully so I've plenty time to fine tooth-comb every page before Jan. Wish me luck!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Title News!

Well it's here and I LIKE IT!

Taking The Leap is the new title of my Moonlit Romance book. Am I chuffed with it? VERY!


Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Title!

My book that is being scheduled to be pubbed by Moonlit Romance *previously titled Daredevil Doctor* is getting a new name.

Can't confirm what yet but stay tuned.
Thanks to Nat for thinking a rather good one up!
Hopefully I should be able to confirm soooon - squeeeee!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Space. Today I decided space and time are good things.

I hadn't read my full SB ms since I sent off the partial - I've had space and a manuscript holiday. We both needed a breather.

What a wonderful thing a bit of time is. I've come back to it afresh and nailed a problem right from the off - it's fixable. I've also come up with some layers...more depth. Time and space - good good good.

Almost as good as fabby crit partners who support and hug and help you even when they're under it themselves and are in the midst of writing their own stuff. Don't you just love it when you get your nose back to the writing grindsone? Do you enjoy manuscript holidays?


Monday, December 11, 2006


In honour of today being special - because of getting a full request - here's a pic worthy of cork popping. Hmmm indeed.


I'm happy to report that today I got a request for a full ms on Sipping Bliss - my Mod X set in Edinburgh and the Scottish highlands - from a Mills and Boon senior Editor.

I have to admit I was totally unsure about whether or not they'd want it - while I know the characters are Mod X through and through I was worried about the setting and the fact that in the first few chapters I haven't followed my usual 'rules'.

So to get a request is a reaffirmation that character and voice and emotion are ultimately what counts. She said hopefully!

It would be fair to say I'm so excited I could crush a grape. I could also lose all power of speech and bodily functions but I'll try my best not to. Instead I will do my best to calm down and keep focus.

It's time to roll up the sleeves, re-read, polish, polish, polish and then send.
OOOOh gosh - this Christmas is going to be a mega one full of hopes and dreams and wishes!


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Naughty...but very very nice!

My best friend in the world is very, very naughty. Look what she sent me because of my book news! Ahhh. I know she deserves a big, squidgy hug and then for me to tickle her until she falls over. Which I wholly intend to do the next time I see her. Hope it's soon.

On another note my cat is very very lazy (pictured below). Check this is Tinker (a.k.a. the Twig Collector - because she does) napping on my furry rucksack! It's a cat's life. *Rolls eyes and shakes head* Sheesh!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Sleigh Bells Ring...Are You Bothered?

Today I bought an Xmas compilation CD. A boring fact but a necessity none the less. For years I used to enjoy nay look forward with great anticipation to listening to a bit of Bing, some Holly & The Ivy, a bit of Doris and a blast of Mike Oldfield and Greg Lake for good measure.

It should be said that my mother likes nothing better than a good roll around the carpet in festive celebration to Nat King Cole's chestnut's roasting. Mrs.

However my Xmas music joy has been hampered for several years now. A dear relative who will remain nameless to protect his blushes 'nicked/pilfered' my hallowed Xmas CD! The audacity! The sheer bloomin' cheek!

Result. Mince pies haven't tasted the same fact the whole festive prep stuff of wrapping pressies (snore) and trimming the tree (just about bearable if I'm patient) weren't remotely acceptable without my prized music to ease the pain. stop further rambling - today normality is restored. I've replenished my supply of Slade, Greg Lake and Jona Lewie! Joy to the world and peace to all men! My baubles feel sparkly once more. Deck the halls with trite Xmas tunes.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006


No I'm not kidding.

There I was grumbling, being a moany pants...blah blah.

And I just got an email offering me a contract on DAREDEVIL DOCTOR - my Scottish Doctor with infertility, adoption and parachuting thrown into the mix!

Man I'm so excited. The publisher in question is one I had my eye on as all their books have character, fresh voice and loads of heart. I've loved their stuff so far.

More info/details once the contract comes through/once I know more...but for now all I can say is the publisher is called MOONLIT ROMANCE, my editor is lovely and I'm very thrilled!

Can't believe it! I'm so excited because I was even lying in bed last night telling myself that with Anya and Max I was really happy with the characters and the story. What joy that they can go into print. I'm so excited! Did I already say that? Well colour me happy I'm gobsmacked in a good way! :)


Fantastic Flutter!

I'm smiling lots today because a good writing buddy came good yday and sold to DESIRE!!!! Fabtastic eh?

I'm so so so so so so pleased for her as she's been waiting a good two years for this call and she really deserves it. She's also rather marvellous. Lots of good writing things have happened this year...first Nat, now Robbie...sigh maybe soon...there's always hope!

Another great thing is an old writing buddy and RNA Member Pip a.k.a. Phillipa Ashley got in touch via this blog and it was REALLY great to hear from her. If you haven't already checked out her wonderful first release DECENT EXPOSURE do so - very soon - for your own writing good. She's great - and I for just one am looking forward to the next one in 2007! Bring it on Pip!

On a down note the US pubber who's interested in Scot Doc unfortunately hasn't been in touch in a good six weeks. I sent in my revisions in answer to their suggestions and silence. I sent a polite enquiry email checking it hadn't gone astray either...have checked the email addresses a zillion times and still nada. AAAARGH!

My DH tells me I should just wait and not hassle them but it's still hard. Fortunately I've Christmas madness and jellybean in my tummy (who is getting bigger all the time - now got a visible bumb and I look FAT! Is it just me and my fat obsession that makes me unable to see a baby bump in my figure and instead just detect a visible mince pie fetish in pot belly form?) to take my mind off it all. Fingers crossed that maybe the handsome Scots doctor has not died a death and Scot Doc might live another day!

PS Here's another gorgeous 'droolsome dad and baby' pic. THIS ONE HAS TO BE FAVOURITE - go on say AAAAAH! This one is in honour of Julie Cohen who is due her new bouncing arrival very very very very soon (and sobbing loads currently!)
PPS Can I just state on record - if I ever get pubbed by Mills and Boon, my biggest mightiest cool dream, then I categorically want this pic of hunky man and babe as my cover! It rocks!
PPPS Scrub that - I just want the man to keep in a tissue paper lined box!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas Kisses

Call me a twitchy flibbertigibbet (not too easy to say without a good set of horse teeth in) but lately I've been flitting around with the writing and stopping mid stream because of pregnancy lethargy and finding life all a bit overwhelming.


I just started writing a book...I think it could be good. If it keeps its act together behaves like a good little project and lets me occasionally squeeze it and tuck it under the chin it might just last the course. JOY. And best of all - it starts with a Christmas Theme. I've frequently yearned for a Festive Japery book. Imagine my delight that it's here and it's fun and not too yukky around the edges!

Call it the work of the Christmas pixies. But for the first time in months I'm having a really good time. Jx Go on - pull a Christmas cracker for me!