Friday, March 30, 2007

Porridge and Praise!

Porridge! I'm currently bathing in the stuff.
Forget Cleopatra's ass's milk dips. I'm from Scotland and porridge here is the bathing additive of choice (when it's not being used at breakfast). Actually - it's been prescribed by the midwife to relieve my intense hand and foot itching. My liver function is still too high so I'm getting more regular blood tests and nightly porridge torture! LOL
In truth porridge baths are really rather nice, skin softening and bizarrely nicely scented - take a sock, add two spoonfuls of porridge oats, swish in running bathwater and squeeze a few times - eh voila! A bathing substance fit for a queen. Or an itchy person.
And know what else - the baby loves it! Scottish baby through and through! Next it'll be kicking a steady beat to The Proclaimers. gg
P.S. Check out this link to the RNA Website - they've released a list of writers up for the Joan Hessayon Award shortlist. I'm on it with Taking The Leap (hurrah!) Congratulations also to fellow Moonlit author and lady with a baby bump, Jessica Raymond, Phillipa Ashley (yey Pip), Liz Beacon (whom I chummed with and bored silly all weekend at an RNA conference two years ago!!) and Anna Scamans (whose blog I've lurked on for way too long!). Woo hoo.

Thursday, March 29, 2007


I forgot to mention something v cool...

Got my signed copy of Nat's book. A knuckle clencher/weak knees and jittery tummy moment (I feel so proud!) Thanks for the freebie Nat (though I intend to buy it as well just so I can bore the sales assistant in Smiths with my distinguished credentials - gg). You can buy it in the UK from early May - or pre-order from Amazon/Mills and Boon - so go get yours soon!

Oh and heard that my formatted book Taking The Leap is nearing completion as is the cover. Gasparoo! Right - I'm properly off now. I promise.

Rock On!

Firstly may I just say a huge and hearty THANKS to those bloggers who participated in the eighties nostalgia musings with me. Great fun and brought back all those teenage kicks.

Such classics...Down Under (memories of Backpackers in Kings Cross spring readily to mind). Gasp Nell - Dexy's is a totally cool claim to fame. I'm v impressed.

Thanks to Jess, Nell, Laura and Lis (thanks for dropping by Laura and Lis) for your own 'magic 80s moments' - and thanks also for ticking me off right and proper. Jesse's Girl had slipped from my mental list. How indeed could I forget Rick Springfield or Madonna? And Ultravox! Doh!

It made me realise I'd blocked out a huge 'soft rock' chunk of my own teens - what about Bryan Adams?? OK I accept he's not that 'quirky/typically bad hairstyle' an 80s icon but I did meet him once and gave him an Easter Egg with his name in icing (hmmm - adolescent crushes are so dodgy). He was also the most gentlemanly guy I've ever met (MnB hero material most def). Yep I did have a fixation for a time because I loved Run To You. And on the topic of the great Madonna - Open Your Heart is a personal fave. But enough 80s stuff. It's making me think I'm stuck in a time-warp.

I'm cracking on with the WIP again. It's time to get tough and get wordage down. So enough nonsense. Time to put those legwarmers away. jx
P.S. I sooooooo wish these were my legs!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Eighties Anthems – We Salute You!

The other day my lovely Crit Partner in Crime Nat, blogged about Gym Tracks and 80s Anthems. It’s stirred me into action by getting me wondering about tracks from the beloved 80s that I just HAVE to turn up on the radio even yet. Picture if you will the scene - the kind of tracks that get you singing out of the car window on a hot summer’s day and then wishing you hadn’t as a local farmer on a tractor passes you at 10mph and shakes his head at your taste in Cyndi Lauper. You get my drift?

The 80s (call it sad, call it a time of bad primary coloured bedroom décor that resembled the inside of a bad taste winebar, flouncy ra-ra skirts that stripped your dignity and bizarre plastic jewellery, handbags and shoes) but d’ya know – I JUST LOVED IT. Heck it was a fun feel good vibe and I was young.

It makes me nostalgic yet – memories of buying Smash Hits as soon as it hit the shelves and swooning over the latest poster of Haircut One Hundred or Depeche Mode (STOP SHOUTING SAD AT THE BACK PLEASE! I can still punch your lights out in a twitch and anyway I'm still a member of the Depeche Mode fan club even yet so I'll take no joshing.)

Anyway – in a tribute to those heady days of yoof when 1. I sported a rather sad tailey thing on the back of my haircut (a la Paul Young and Howard Jones) 2. I wore scarlet leopard print leggings in public without flinching or batting an eyelid, and 3. I had a huge crush on the lead singer from the Thompson Twins (WHYEVER WOULD THAT BE? WERE MY HORMONES THAT STRANGE?). So here’s my tag list on 80s anthems –

Go on – I dare anyone who reads this to better it or to even try and emulate the extent of my madness. And I hereby promise to put in a list of all those bloggers who take up the call to answer to stand up and declare – YES I LOVED THE 80s and I’m PROUD DAGNAMIT! SO PROUD! AND I WORE THE PIXIE BOOTS TO PROVE IT.

80s Anthems That I CRANK UP even yet:

Simple Minds – Don’t You Forget About Me
- The words ‘hey, hey, hey, hey’ will forever send me aquiver. In fact is it too sad to admit I’ve been to see Simple Minds twice in the last five years??? They were just as good – even without ponytails and all on a low cholesterol diet (g)
Maniac (from Flashdance) – Michael Sembello!
- Again another inspired intro that sets my feet atappin’. The memory of me, my flatmate and all our friends dancing around the flat living room til two in the morning and juggling oranges (yes I did just say juggling oranges –they were all we had to hand) to this tune remains a precious special thing! In fact the DJ at my wedding party was ordered to play this several times over – and he did! Hurrah!
Don Henley – Boys Of Summer
- Ahhh – I fill up just hearing the intro. Fab voice, great tune, mega lyrics. And the best part is – my dear long-suffering hubbie has a well hidden fondness for this track also. And guess – I still have the 12 incher in my wardrobe! Now listen here DJ Sammy – just cos you put this to a techno beat does not mean you are big nor clever. Some things should remain just as they are!
Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere
- This tune reminds me of being a uni and having a soppy crush and loving the video to bits then playing it over and over and over in the student union bar while I ate Crème Eggs. Don’t ask (a time of great angst).
Human League – Don’t You Want Me
- This reminds me of my birthday in early 82 when it was number one and I played it til it drove everyone demented.
Bananarama and Fun Boy Three – It Ain’t What You Do
- Secondary comprehensive school schooldays and a bad hairgel abuse habit! Not clever nor pretty.
Nick Kershaw – Wouldn’t It Be Good!
- Memories of going on a school trip to the Belgian battlefields, wearing camouflage combat jeans and thinking I was the coolest thing since Hazel Dean (joke!) and then getting ill and spending the rest of it in intensive care. While everyone else flirted and went out with each other. Ack!
OMD – Enola Gaye
- This one is for my mate Linda who even yet leaps into the air when this track starts up. Yes, it is embarrassing. And will be more so when she reaches pensionable age and has a dodgy hip.
Alphaville – Big In Japan
- Aherm I know this one’s the cheesiest but I can’t help it. It’s the monotonous drum beat and repetitive synth that does it.
Animotion – Obsession
- This track is phenom. A classic of it’s time. When DJs (a la Gary Davies) looked like they wanted to audition for Miami Vice.

See! Not a Whitney Track in evidence. No Eye Of The Tiger. Nor Duran Duran. I even omitted anything from Footloose. And I haven’t put down The Primitives or Propaganda, Belouis Some…And you know – the sad thing is I could go on at this all night. But I won’t. Relax!

I’m going now. To find my 80s megamixes and the leg warmers. jx

Friday, March 23, 2007

Must Read!

If you haven't already, you must read this book. I'm currently immersed...enrapt...enthralled and itching for each opportunity to pick up and read! I'm also desperate for my dear hubbie to return home so I can sneak into a bath, spend some bump in bubbles time and read, read read! Fiona Harper - I'm loving your book!

Thursday, March 22, 2007


My new heroine...the one that's bobbing into my head on Project:Excitement (see previous blog post) has a name. It's Rosa. She looks quite a lot like Kate Hudson, she's v cool though I don't know her too well yet. We've only met over the space of a page.

Hero's outside and on his way through the hall of her sister's palatial home so I haven't met him at all.

But so far it's all good.

P.S. Went for baby scan. It's big - over average sized. Only down side is my liver function needs an eye kept on it so I've had to book two more visits to antenatal for check ups next week. Bummer.
P.P.S. We still don't know baby's gender. It's determined to keep shy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I'm v excited. I'm also very tired.

Tired because I've been up since three with baby-movealot-itis.
Tired also because for some inexplicable reason a NEW BOOK IDEA pounced on my brain and pummelled it for hours and hours until daylight! But hey it's a GREAT new book idea and I'm mega excited - it's also a new direction. More later...

So for now suffice to say I'm going to bed for a quick snooze to restore my faculties and a pad and pen to note down some of the lightbulb sparks from my slumbers. Gasp - it's exciting.

P.S. The baby is also getting VERY big now!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

One of my kind...

For no reason other than it's been going around in my head and driving me crazy here's some lyrics. I'm having an INXS splurge from my youth:

So slide over here And give me a moment Your moves are so raw I've got to let you know

I've got to let you knowYou're one of my kind

I need you tonight cause I'm not sleeping There's something about you girl

That makes me sweat

Check out my lovely CP's blog for her news - it's finally happening - books in print! jx

Sunday, March 11, 2007

More Than A Feeling?

Okay -- after being summoned awake (i.e. via yelling) by dd this morning and kicked awake by baby I realised I really should blog about something today that's been on my mind for some time.

We decided NOT to find out the baby's gender via ultrasound (if we could help it). This decision has remained intact. But I figure it's worth me noting that I have a strange and wonderful feeling of what the baby might be all on my own...without technology, old wives tales or any particular reasons to support it. I have a hunch it's a boy. (I have to add we'll be mightily happy with whatever we're blessed with and have no real preference other than a fondness for little boys' pyjamas and a hearty preference for clothes shopping for little girls!!!)

Anyway I digress. For some unknown - maybe psychic - reason, I figure it's a boy. It's even driven me to go towards the blue things in shops over the pink and I'm almost mentally calling the wee one by the name we've picked (though I'm trying not to in the interests of equality).

So I hereby declare my hunch. I think it's a boy.
I wanted to write this down just in case - the chances are slim as usual - but just in case this psychic mummy phase proves correct. I've said it first! jx

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Going DOWN!

My word count has gone down!!! Imagine, yes - it's reversed a few hundred word steps. But after a wee enforced break I've come back to it with fresher eyes and had a good hard tight edit. Maybe my revisions crash course is paying off...helping me weed out the waffle?

This week is due to be a killer as we've important family stuff that will keep us busy.

But here's my writing my next visit to update the worm word meter I'll try to have reached 15k. Can't promise but I'll try. We shall see.

Ooh and last week I came across the most wonderful, truly inspiring hero character (who I'm keeping secret for now as he's truly divine). Unfortunately there are no photos of him to be had. He's a much lauded West End theatre director and he fits my Fergal hero character like a silken tailored suit. Shame I can't post a glimpse. But hey...I'll keep him in mind in all the new scenes. Wish me luck.

Friday, March 02, 2007

By the light of the moon...

Just to say if you haven't already - check out the Moonlit Romance/Unique Enterprises Author blog sometime. It's well worth a visit!

Click here to do so now!

Today just happens to be the first time I've been featured so I'm flagging it up as a good place to hang out for the simple reason Moonlit Romance and By Grace Publishing have some great authors worth watching out for. The blog itself has a feel good vibe and is always worth a look...for latest Moonlit releases, writing snippets, fun impromptu story tasters and much much more.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


My revisions are done. Line edits to go but shouldn't be major.


My sausage pillow is now beckoning. Calling me in a sultry, siren-like, provocative whisper...who am I to resist its beguiling charms?

P.S. Spicy sex scene got the okay, as did the gut-wrenching 'bile spitting' moment, so all in all Revisions Groundhog Day was worth it. What now? Ah yes...bed!