Thursday, November 29, 2007

Anyone for tennis?

Erm. The writing is still going strong. 13000 words kinda strong.

It's a bit like a flood after a drought. I just can't stop it and I'm drowning in words. In fact I've finished the partial.

But worry not. I'll probably read it back and think it's utter PANTS.

So I don't intend to read it at all yet. Or tinker too much. I'm plodding right on and getting it down as far as I can. Because that way I won't get waylaid and paranoid. I'm crossing fingers I can type The End on this one.

Right now the hero has just invited the heroine to go watch tennis. When in reality the only kind of tennis he's interested in is the tonsil variety.

That was a terrible pun. But hey - if you can't do it on your own blog, what hope is there people?!


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


10,500 words.

That's all I'm saying. No braggin. Just fact. The story is panning out.
A partial is on the horizon - yee ha!

ps Thank you my lovely CP. You rock!
pps Esme slept for a full complete 5 hours session last night. Could life be better?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Well Wha da ya know!

I've written 8000 words.

Shocked - me too! That's what a detailed letter from an editor can achieve - BICHOK. Actually its BIBHOK in my case (butt in bed - with alphasmart - hands on keys). I'm aiming for at least 500 a night (she said wistfully)but so far I've done better.

Anyway Baby E has been a bit of a 'no sleep scamp' lately so the aspirations may not come to much. Here's hoping she sleeps more when weaning kicks in.

As for the story - it's an office romance involving Grant and Neesha. And I'm enjoying their banter so far. But also on a steep learning curve to SLOW DOWN and sit on my hands with the wit a bit more.

Not easy for a dyed in the wool word pun spitter like me - but I'm trying hard. If anyone has tips for how to slow the pace - I'd love to hear em... Oh and I'll leave you with a wee pic of a handsome chef I stumbled on and am using as inspiration for the wip. Introducing Matt Tebbutt. Calm down girls - in real life this one is married. Boo hoo. But as inspiration goes - he's doing just grand. :)

Friday, November 23, 2007


I'm wallowing but it's allowed.

I got a R on the mss that's been with MnB Modern Extra since the turn of the year.

It's a good R.

But it's still an R.

I will pick myself up and sock it to them - I promise.

But for now I'm wallowing. And indulging in divine pics of Gerry Butler.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hurrah For Hubby

Daddy did the business (hurrah for SUPERDAD) - he found the much sought after dolly in Tesco Direct in Edinburgh when he popped in for a sandwich! Well done Dad. And thanks (Nell) for the offer to look.

Apparently a Chou Chou went for £75 on ebay at the weekend. Lucky for me we haven't had to resort to buying one at auction.

And daughter will never ever know the bother we've had (two internet orders that went wrong and a fruitless round trip to Dundee and back during peak Saturday mayhem). The things we have to do...


Monday, November 12, 2007

Desperately Seeking Chou Chou

Okay - I'm about to rant.

It's not even mid November and I'm in Xmas gift crisis. Why I hear you enquire?

Baby Chou Chou dagnamit!

Daughter No 1 wants the must have doll this season - Chou Chou Mummy Make Me Better. It's a strange doll that gets bruises you heal (don't even go there - yes it's a mad Munchausen-esque idea) but she will not be budged. We've tried softly persuading but to no avail - she's even mumering Chou Chou in her sleep. And Chou Chou is as hard to get as an Alpha Male at a Village People Concert.
Tho doll should be called Chou Chou Sent Mummy Crazy Trying To Locate Xmas Gift. I'm perplexed but persevering.

Chant the mantra with me - I will not pay double on ebay. I will not be suckered.
Must go. I must press on with the search...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Congrats Nat!

Check out my CP Nat's blog...she's got news on her two latest up and coming releases. See pics.

Nice aren't they? And my ultimate fave is Mistress Under Contract - A1 hero, fabuloso sexy. A must, must, must buy read that just makes me ultra proud to have been involved and got a sneaky peek read.

Congrats Nat. You're on a roll....

Thursday, November 01, 2007


Check of Phillipa Ashley's blog - she's got mega news (and it involves Hollywood). Too cool.
Here's a pic of Harry Hill (a Brit comedy person I'm rather fond of). You've Been Framed has never been funnier thanks to his sassy narration - Harry, we salute you!