Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Now!

Yesterday was a very bad day. I cried (call it hormones). Also call it feeling overwhelmed and very, very tired...for a week the baby bump has been waking me at three a.m. (yes, three and no rest thereafter as it jives and lindy hops around). Yesterday I'd reached can't cope anymore point.

We also woke up to find an unexpected leak in our roof (it's a new house but still there it was...water drip drip dripping down the wall) and the NHBC guarantee only starts at work totalling £700. So you'd be right to guess that this one tallies in at one hundred pounds under the threshold...grrrrrr!

So yesterday was a day of tired eyes and straining patience.

But all is okay. I have the best dh in the world (he went on a dash sprint car run - like a prince in shining armour - to return with something I sank into on his return). A big spongy preggy sausage pillow. AHHHHH! Thank you lovely hubby. You're the best.

Thank you also purveyor of baby goods starting with M for giving me the ability to smile again. It's true, I really can. No faking. Today I almost feel human! jx

P.S. Big sponge sausages work - I'm dreaming of sinking into mine again already!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Does My Tum Look Big In This? Please Don't Answer That!

It can be avoided no longer. I got dh to take a pic of THE BUMP.

Lately I can't bend down - I can only squat.

I'm bumping my tummy less often but more frequently getting stuck (i.e. in the bath - erk!)

And people have been saying 'Gosh you're big' waaaaay too much for my liking.

I hate pics of myself but I figured I needed pictoral evidence of this momentous stomach achievement. Here it is. At least I can blame it on the baby and not my over-zealous approach to all things cake (for now!)

No denying it. It's out there.

Does my stomach look big in this?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm Worn Out With Revisions...So Here's An Easy Blog Item!

You Should Be a Film Writer

You don't just create compelling stories, you see them as clearly as a movie in your mind.
You have a knack for details and dialogue. You can really make a character come to life.
Chances are, you enjoy creating all types of stories. The joy is in the storytelling.
And nothing would please you more than millions of people seeing your story on the big screen!
There aren't many openings for film writers in Fife. But thanks for the vote of confidence. jx

Monday, February 19, 2007

Bat Cave Spice

I'm in the revisions cave.

I've just had to add lots of 'spice-a-rama' (by the condiment pot) as I've learned my book is the first coming out with a hotter line! Woo hoo! But daunting also.

No pressure then. Erk.

Anyway t's dark, kind of mind-boggling and scary at times in this cave. And my voice echoes around from time to time as I grunt with the pain.
But it's a necessary evil and I'm getting there.

Hopefully I'll be out soon - basking in the sunshine and blinking into the light. Wish me luck.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


I've been absent lately (apols to CP and those I haven't been in touch with - I will be soon) - there has been lots to do and no time to do it but the good news is I'm catching up...and next week is a shocker too but I'm getting there!

Good news - on Friday I was LUCKY enough to go to a fantastic WritersScotland group special meeting at the prestigious Ramsay Gardens apartment of former press aide to Her Majesty The Queen, Michael Shea.

Ramsay Gardens is - in my view - one of the most amazing frontages in Edinburgh (if not the world!) Even as a little girl the view across Princes Street Gardens and up the mound from Waverley was breath-taking - from Ramsay Gardens looking down across the vista of Edinburgh to the Forth is just as inspiring too.

So on Friday a select group - including many esteemed Scottish writers (I was priviledged to meet) - were lucky enough to get a sneaky peak inside Michael Shea's splendid apartment, take in the views, dine on a fabulous lunch and then hear Michael's tips as a writer and stories from his most amazing career. A rare treat. I certainly won't forget it and feel lucky to have gone.

So - here's Ramsay Gardens...let's just say it lives up to the fairytale dreams I've had about it for all these years.

Do you have any 'places you'd love to do' - childhood fantasy places you'd love a sneaky peek of?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Smoochy Time

Happy Valentines Day...tonight I'm spending the evening with a smoochy fella.

Matthew Mcconaughey. On dvd. And dh in person. On the sofa.

Yep my valentines pressie was Failure to Launch and I intend to sit on the squashiest bit of the couch and devour it with a lingering smile...along with some chocolate. Ah bliss. Well...I'm pregnant...bubbly stuff's a no-no. Wine is off limits. Curries (even my fave Saag Paneer) make me feel wierd and keep the baby up all night. So what's next on the list other than a guy with a nice chest and a sexy Texan accent?

But first I might be really indulgent and have a sweetly scented bath (who am I kidding - since baby bump has become sizeable I'm in there as soon as dh walks through the door and he's on kidlet story duty as a nightly occurance!) I know he's pretty wonderful that way. Which makes him my ideal Valentines beau through and through.

So no champagne but I'll still have Matthew and bubbles aplenty. What a treat. Enjoy your Valentines Night. I will.

P.S. Meant to say - pram arrived today. Tis residing in the garage! V pleased.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Today Didi (dd with a twist) and I are stuck in the house awaiting a delivery. Boring - I hate waiting in for anything...
The delivery in question is one of the above...well not exactly (the one above isn't exactly turbo boosted mod cons). It may seem a touch early to be snaffling the baby's pram but was the model I wanted...but at significantly reduced cost...I didn't want to sniff lest I missed it!
So here we may not even come may be tomorrow. Sigh - better go and clean out a cupboard! jx

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Okay here's Fergal in a nutshell:

He's a national TV cameraman of repute. Irish, dark, sexy, brooding but with a killer sense of humour, caring, out to be the best in his job but because he wants to do it well as opposed to 'status'. He has electric blue eyes, a great body and the kind of shoulders you dream about...
When I first started writing Fergal he was inspired by this pic of Gerry Butler... Eyes left (as if they weren't already!!!)

Now - during this rewrite - he's morphed into Dougray Scott (stick your peepers down purleease!) But I'm not complaining - the character swap is working for the extra deeper layers that are going down just now...

So who do you like better? Would Gerry or Dougray get your vote?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Yey...I caught up with myself!

My wordcount is on target - over 8000! Now if only I can keep this momentum up...I'll try and squeeze it.

Did you like the setting? We went on a boat excursion to Symi when we went to Rhodes for two weeks years ago and came back brown as berries and raving about all things Greek. Symi itself was amazing - the architecture most especially but so many other things...the landscape (v rocky so the whole place seems tiered), the harbour with huge prawns and great coffee in harbourside cafes, the sponge sellers (man everyone wants to sell you a natural sea sponge proclaiming its exfoliation benefits!) All in all - a great holiday. I'd def go back.

Am I tempting you to a trip? If not - no matter. I'm writing a story about it now!

ps. Drop by tomorrow - I plan to tell you about Fergal - my Symi cameraman hero!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stop and Start

I've had a writing rut. Well actually since I got pregnant I've had a few. Starting projects and grinding to a halt. I'm blaming it on pregnancy hormones but really I just think it's state of mind (we've a lot of things taking up time in our family at the moment - important things that have taken years to come around and involve legal stuff that's out of our hands). I think that's why the writing has come unstuck.

But great news - started the Radio Scotland Write Here, Right Now initiative last week - and though I'm slightly behind schedule (well it is nursery school holidays!) I'm firing ahead. On a project I love but has remained unfinished. Currently titled - Island Nights.

So I've started...I'm making tracks. Here's hoping it lasts. Oh and here's a taste of my current inspiration. The Greek island of SYMI (we went there once - it was fabulous!) And an ideal setting don'tcha think?