Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pretty In Pink

Here's Esme in her bouncy chair - not bouncing. But man when she does bounce, she really goes!!

I'm calling this post Pretty In Pink because she's received so many pink gift items it's a mind boggler - from frilly socks to frou frou dresses with net underskirts. My baby is seriously vying with Barbara Cartland for Pink Precedence!

Maybe I should dress up in pink too? That would really get the neighbours talking. jx

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hands Up If You Like Being At Home!

Put Your Hands Up If You Like It At Home!
Being home and out of hospital is good.
More than good.
In fact even the Breast Feeding Fairy came to visit the very first night after getting home to my own bed and now Esme is back to being a b'fed babe. I think the combination of sleeplessness and big operation had depleted my energy and reserves to go on. I'm really grateful we're back on track now.
We like being home thank you very much.
CONGRATULATIONS to Jessica Raymond and check out her blog for her lovely news on baby Charlie Malcolm's arrival this weekend here. All in all it's been a great week for babies!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Home Again

Thank you all so so much from the heart for the lovely comments and wishes left here. I'm so pleased to get back to my own sweet bed words can't describe the joy!!

Esme's birth and the news on the day that our other daughter is finally legally adopted makes this the best week of my life, if not the hardest! I feel so blessed.

Esme's traumatic entry into the world couldn't have been avoided as the cord was wrapped around her neck.

Baby Esme (or Emsie as her sister calls her) is doing well now as am I. It'll be a long recovery but well worth it.

My only disappointment of the past few days has been battling unsuccessfully to get breast feeds going. Due to the extent of blood lost I've had to admit defeat but the medical staff said it was a valiant effort.

Tonight we're pleased to be settled and home. With so many lovely friends.


P.S. So much for having a June baby - check out the 'coming home' Eskimo suit required to brave the weather!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Baby Arrived 05:38am 12/6/07

After being admitted to hospital on Sunday 10th June at 9:30am and a prolonged labour baby Esme Kate was born at 05:38am on Tuesday 12th June by c section weighing in at 8lbs 8ozs. Both are doing well and more to post from Judith on leaving hospital.

Judith's Hubby.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Outta Here!

Well as of today (Saturday) baby 'Bertha' still hasn't put in any signs of arrival on his/her own so I'm all set to go into hospital first thing in the morning. I'll see you all again on the other side of the labour ward. At first that filled me with angst but now I'm quite pleased to get things underway.

Had some fab news yesterday - I've just sold a short story to a women's magazine who loved it and are happy to see more. I'm really excited about that and it feels like I've a few writing challenges to get my teeth into once the sleeplessnights/babygro changing/reusable nappy aspirations are under control! Yet even that great news wasn't enough to send me into labour!!

So now we'll see what a few days in hospital can achieve. jx

Friday, June 08, 2007


Okay. I know I promised to go away but I just had to come back quickly to say a BIG HI to Fay - the creator of the wonderful David T You Tube video - for popping by. Her work is awesome (check it out at There's a particularly good one of Legolas and Aragorn from Lord of the Rings there.

In other good news - life has got better since my last 'preggo blues' post. I just got a gym ball! Yes, odd but true. Half of my woes connected with waiting for baby are an overextended pelvis that's causing me a lot of pain and made getting out of bed solo lately pretty darn tricky (apparently it's called symphysis pubis dysfunction).

But now I'm happy. I have the perfect bouncy solution! Hey, it rocks! Where do you think I can find the emperor sized bed to match it??? Oh and David Tennant to blow it up for me? Wearing his kilt. jx

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Roll On Sunday

Well the outcome of today's visit is I'm booked into hospital to start the process of being induced on Sunday. Not what I wanted to hear but...hey a lady can only do so much on her ownsome.

The midwife attempted a procedure to help Baby Bertha along naturally but I'm not as ripe for spontaneous labour as she'd have liked so I don't hold any great hopes of it working. However - miracles do happen, and since our babe is a wee miracle, there's always hope.

Right now Sunday seems like a long way off. But...I'm taking solace from Julie Cohen whose little Fecklet hung on in there until the eleventh hour prior to admission to hospital.

I intend to spend the next few days firmly off line, with my head in a magazine, a book or a chocolate box. So no more blogger til after my hospital stay.

Hopefully next visit - I'll have a baby to show for all this waiting! Bring it on, right now all I want is a contraction (can you imagine I really said that?!?) jx

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

It's oh so quiet...

Still no baby.

Hubbie isn't pleased because he's still at work and doesn't want to be.

So let's make a secret blog pact that the naughty wee prankster decides to start its rumblings tonight just to kybosh tomorrow's antenatal 'jump start' appointment (if only). C'mon baby, you can do it.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Waiting for a Star to Fall

Today I am mostly taking my mind off baby waiting with this vid...

The tune is wholly appropriate to my predicament...'waiting, I don't like waiting!'

But I also have a secret suspicion talented romance author and sex pot Julie Cohen is behind the You Tube creation in question! If not, she should've been. It's inspired (cue wistful sigh at David Tennant). Surely someone has to write the book of the video sooooon??? Please?!? jx

Of course the best bit is right at the end when she kisses his helmet (see, I've got you curious now!)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

This Baby's Not For Moving

Still no news. No twinges. Nada. But it's early days.

In other news - the RNA's lovely judges Jenny Haddon and Catherine Jones said some of the most lovely things about Taking The Leap that have upended my hormones and sent me ga-ga. You know, the RNA really is the most marvellous organisation ever.

You can read all about the RNA Summer Party here.

Here's their summary on Taking The Leap;

Wounded practice nurse learns to trust and hard-bitten thrill-seeking doctor learns to commit under the pressures of a charity parachute jump and a stalker

This is a delightful love story. We both thought that it had a particularly touching and plausible love scene. The medical background is believable drawn and not intrusive. The book has a nice sense of place, all very Scottish and fab scenery. The add-ons were was lovely characterisation of the small boy, and a spine-tingling sense of the horrors of falling out of a plane - made Catherine, the only woman in the Army who refused to Jump, blench at the memory. So that's an A for empathy then.

How cool is that? Enough to make a grumpy over pregnant woman crumble I'd say. I've decided to continue in the spirit of Dr Hessayon's generosity and donate my 'prize cheque' to BirthTay - the assisted conception unit at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee - without whom we wouldn't be having our baby. I aim to try and do some regular donating to them in future. I hope it's a fitting use of such a lovely award.

Consider me one very happy Mum to be (even if baby still hasn't come).

Friday, June 01, 2007

Blooming Lovely

Today two surprises arrived.

A generous and entirely unexpected certificate and cheque from Dr Hessayon for being shortlisted in the RNA Joan Hessayon New Writers' Award. And a lovely bouquet of long stemmed roses (bliss!)

Sometimes it's good not to be in hospital having your baby. Especially when it means you can get surprises on the doorstep like these. Huge thanks to the RNA and Dr Hessayon - both are amazingly generous and I can't thank them enough.