Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hogmanay Approaches

2007 has gone too fast:

Speedy Roundup -
  • Taking The Leap was published in APRIL 2007! Yey!
  • Short story Night To Remember published in Candis.
  • Pregnant and growing bigger for the first six months of 2007! Oh yeah am I glad to be out of maternity jeans.
  • Esme born two weeks late - enter cutio babe and sleepless nights.
  • Eldest daughter adopted and goes from strength to shining, shouting, crazily running around the house in a flurry of bracelets and handbags strength!
  • Discovered the writerly joy of ALPHASMART - and boy do I love my Alphie (in fact wouldn't manage to write a word without it!)
  • Tinker our lovely cat died - sad.
  • Sipping Bliss rejected by MnB (a bit crestfallen but good R so don't blub!)
  • New WIP on the go after a long time with little writing progress of note!

Hopes for the new year

  • To make time to write and FINISH projects!
  • To not give up the Mills and Boon publication dream quite yet.
  • To make time for craft and composting and writer's rest too.
  • To relish every divine moment of my little girls - it just goes so fast!
  • To stay away from EBAY - it's just a fancy looking 'big girl's post office set' plaything crafted by the devil's own hand.
  • To start yoga again (though with babe around I doubt I'll get the chance!)
  • To stop buying ultra cute pink baby clothes - she grows too fast.
Here's wishing you all health, happiness, smiles, cuddles and lot and lots of good times in 2008!

Friday, December 28, 2007


Just wanted to say that the word worm is growing again. Phew.
I am still going on this story...and the partial is now virtually polished and syno done.
So it may not be as fast as I'd like - but it's progress. And progress is good.
On another note - went to the Jan sales today with eldest daughter.
Log jam, crowds, rude people, lotsa pushing and shoving (bah!) Not half as satisfying as bichok.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas One And All

We're all set. The baby has gone to bed dressed as a Christmas pudding.
Ah Christmas magic.

So enjoy, indulge and if you haven't already had enough of the pre Christmas 'Yule pop tunes' vibe weather some more Wham.

And if you're a romantic at heart, in between the turkey and mince pies ponder...on the real meaning of Christmas.

Go grab some mistletoe and pucker up. Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I was standing in Sainsbury's at the till today (as you do) and suddenly my eyes flicked up to the book cover right beside the magazines - and I nearly melted into a pool of lust. Look at it. I mean gorgeous with big bling diamante knobs on....

God Gerry Butler just cannot get anymore fundamentally SUBLIME. And I am seriously wishing he could be on the cover of my book (in my dreams!) Maybe I should write a letter to Santa?

And if I ever come back as someone else's earlobe. I want it to be Hilary Swank's in the picture. Talk about made to make your mouth water gg

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Eureka moment

I've had a bit of a eureka moment in my writing (amazing what an enforced week or so off from the WIP can do!)

A good writing friend and Harl author gave me some gold-dust advice on what to focus right in on and these tips have really helped on the current 'early stages' WIP.

Yesterday I had a fresh read and a fresh edit and could see all my old tendencies to 'flick on the wit' instead of 'digging deep on the goals and motivations' and sticking to plain talking for punch. What an amazing revelation it was.

I've learned the following lessons -
  • sometimes I get too caught up in trying to impress an editor that I forget to just tell the story
  • one gem of unique voice speaks volumes and pulls the reader in. Too many and you're losing the flow so use sparingly for punch
  • think character arcs in every single chapter - it's how to keep the conflict and pace on track
  • the alpha male is all. Get him on the page and make he and the heroine's world your own.

So after cutting - it's a much better piece of writing. I can totally see what the editor has been getting at. I've also had a real splurge on the conflicts of the H and h.

Big lesson learned.

Progress. Slow but steady progress.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


If you haven't already - please visit this FESTIVE WEBSITE.

If like me you're easily distracted you can while away the day by uploading pix of your nearest and dearest and transforming them into dancing Xmas elves. The most fun that can be had - well EVER.

And I won't share the one I've done of me and CP Nat looking like Elfettes on an Xmas Eve pub crawl. Some things are best kept to oneself.

Go do it and laugh til your insides ache!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Esme on the up

Check out babe-a-lina. She's pulling, pulling, pulling and sometimes sitting up. It's scary.

Hallelujah for safety reins.

Oh brother. We're weaning right now too.

And I suspect we're in for trouble when the crawling starts. Which feels like it could be sooner than I thought.

Babies. Sheesh.