Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bring On The Fun

Never have a I had such fun writing the start of a book - hmmm this could be a bad thing. Indulgent moi?

Anyway the reasons for this fun are threefold - Carmen Miranda on You Tube (for research), a hero dressed up as a sexy pirate and a rather large courgette. Bring it on!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Something New...

Okay here's what happening -

  • Winter book is at mid point and still going okay though I've had an enforced break last week because of baby teething/sleepless nights and daughter's birthday/going to school preps!

  • I have a NEW book in my head. And guess...this one is for a publisher I haven't really ever targetted properly before (I did once send them a mss that had been rejected my another publisher). Anyway - I wrote down the start of the first chapter and it's gotten me really excited!!! I am mega keen to get writing on it. And I did a bit of major realisation lately - the reason I've been holding back from subbing to them is 'lack of confidence'. Don't cringe but I read something in my stars in a mag at the hairdressers that said just that - wake up to what you really want, admit it and just go out and do it. You've hidden it long enough it's time to go and make it yours!!!!!!!! Spooky huh! And actually...I can't wait to try subbing it. I'm feeling like it's time for a complete change! Way-hay!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ripping Back

The story is still moving ahead. Good news.
Bad news - I had to delete and dump the original 16,000 words I'd written.
I'm feeling so glad I did. But it hurt too.
Anyone else ever have to use the 'ripping down knitting technique' with their writing?

Maybe it's progress? Because I'm recognising when my story isn't gelling, going where I hoped it would lead and I'm taking action to amend?

The good news is that in future I won't be so fearful of sending in the word skip and starting afresh.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Muse Is Back In Town...

Funnily enough, right after posting about The Book Not Ready To Be Written (see earlier post) - the muse took control, banged on the front door, marched right in and grabbed my winter book by the throat. She's not letting go either - can't get it down fast enough!

Freaky. Even stranger the hero has morphed into unconventional hero - Richard E Grant.

I know - strange! Though I do think he's lovely and he fits the bill a treat.

As does heroine Rachel Weisz.

I am very grateful to the lovely muse. Let's hope she hangs around until The End. Must keep her here with chocolate bribery.

In other news - the lovely Nell should be getting some itsy bitsies in the mail soon for coming by with her comments.
J - Going back to the slog hungry muse in action!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Burn Baby Burn

Okay - if you haven't seen it already, there's a FANTASTIC contest on for all wannabe Mills and Boon Modern Heat writers. See it here - along with loads of gold dust snippets from the current mega stable of Heat authors.

So naturally, I've been doodling with a story first chapter. Enjoying the thrills and the ride.

But suddenly chapter one is done and BAM. There's a story burning in my brain. The rest of the story. And it wants me to spend some time teasing it and giving it a good old inquisition. And it shouldn't be doing this. I'm not ready to write it yet! It's not fair.

Anyway Tony isn't helping...eyes right. NCIS has a lot to answer for because suddenly Tony Dinozzo is featuring largely in my brain as the central character of The Book I Am Not Really Ready To Write Yet. He's lovely. Very inspiring too.

How inconsiderate of him to invade my brain. At not the best moment in time.

Friday, August 01, 2008

And The Winner Is...

KAREN HANNA!!!!! You've won!

Congratulations Karen, the goodies will be flying off to you shortly. Again - the input to that contest was awesome. So awesome it's inspired me to ring some changes (cough cough - ta-ra!) My website has a lovely new look. I may even draw a door prize for any poignant commenters who care to tell me what they think?? Name out of the hat gets something nice (probably candles and something that smells yum!!!)