Saturday, November 29, 2008

Learning Curve #3

I'm coming out of lurkdom because I realised that ages ago I started the learning curve posts and didn't quite finish them.

This learning curve should have been titled !-()!!!---()()()(!!! Because when I first started writing I soon discovered (thanks to the wisdom of good crit) my biggest failing was dash/brackets/exclamation points overuse!! See I even used the good old bracket habit in the sentence above, sheesh.

And man oh yeh did I overuse them. Big time. Getting rid of them was a priority because the market I was aiming for had clean, easy to read language and style. So began the purge, and it proved harder than I thought. Especially when I felt it had me fighting with my voice. Writing as I felt it and then having to go back and 'sanitise'.

This was a hard nettle to grasp for me for the simple reason the way I write makes me go off at tangents, write asides in brackets etc etc etc.

Anyhoo. The boo-boos are now gone. Banished. Just like the jokes-frenzy banter style, it's all about calming down and enjoying the ride! Well, that's the plan.

And yes those lovely authors who first read my work and told me honestly what they thought are right. A smooth clear flow easily beats a messy, rat-a-tat machine gun punctuation carnage fest any day.

Of course now I've tamed them, I just need to write a good enough book!

Going back to lurkdom again but may post some weeny posts each week.

There could be another craft one soon too! And there may be an important 'Jude's new direction' post soon!!!

Special Notice: Moonlit Romance and By Grace Publishing will cease to be at the end of December. This is really sad news as Unique Enterprises has some of the loveliest authors and editors and they'll be sorely missed. So please note, TAKING THE LEAP and THE CONFETTI COUNTDOWN will only be available until end of December. Ideal stockingfillers both, so stock up now before they become collector's items! Use the buy it now links in the sidebar for purchase.

A special note of thanks and appreciation here to Sheila and Laura for all their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm.

Saturday, November 08, 2008


I'm going underground for a while so I'll bid you a wee adieu. Don't know when I'll be back, but hopefully before the pre Christmas festive rush.

I want to finish this book properly, rewrite and refocus etc etc etc. So I hereby vow to depart the blog for a bit until it's done. That way no blog writing, no blog surfing distractions (well, that's the plan!) AND EBAY IS OFF LIMITS TOO.

Both my wee girls are being particularly 'cute and wonderful' at the moment so I'm enjoying it. Little one now just has to look at a window at dusk and says 'wow wow wow' and claps hands a lot. She's copying big sister's exclamations on seeing all the fireworks displays this week. It's very funny. And sweet.

They've both also mastered their own very amusing dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller. Kids. They just make you smile.

Bye for now!

Saturday, November 01, 2008


After a long absence and no crows they all came and pecked me at once.

I've got a lot to do on the current wip to lick it into shape. So I'm using NaNoWriMo to do it. November is national novel writing month --- so here goes.

I fully intend to blitz this book and get it right.