Saturday, January 31, 2009

Words, words, words

Seems a little crazy that on 17 January I was hooting about having a writing day to boost word it's 31st and I'm crazily rationing the 7,000 words I have left.

The vagueries of the writer.
Must stop worrying and just write the book.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Cover Chat

Speaking of beauty covers...check out this 'to die for' one by wonderful Harl author Liz Fielding. Now THAT is a fabulous one (a definite must buy).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Black Moment Ahoy!

This is the hardest black moment ever.

Partly because I'm scared---I love these characters, I'm pretty pleased they've finally got something together. I don't want to rip their hearts out and make them walk the plank...

I'm also worried I've worked so hard to set them up together, to make the story fun and fast---can I really pull it off, yank them apart like this?

I honestly don't think I've ever felt this challenged before. Maybe it's because until now my conflicts have been pretty PANTS. Or maybe I'm just going mad.

This is a nightmare.
I'm having Black Moment trauma. Run for your lives!

I know what Jess would be saying in the comments right now---stop complaining and just write it!!!

Grumble, grumble.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fantasy Cover Indulgence...

One of my fave things about reading the pubbed author blogs I regularly frequent is their cover debuts...cooo. I look, I drool, I often get hives and just have to buy that book because the cover alone has me salivating.

Something about new glossy fabby covers that gets my heart leaping over in my chest and my wee brain wish, wish, wishing that one day I'll have a sparkling romance cover of my own. I know...I'm a wish-pixie at heart.

So I decided to write my own one...not as exciting as a picture version, but still, a girl can dream?

My fantasy cover has the lovely M&B logo and trademark pink roses banner...and the cover has a delicious clinch moment. Not a hands on anatomy steamy one. Just a 'leaning in and eye signals of intent' kinda scenario.

Niall in a suit (no tie, shirt collar undone) and Mairi with funky short dark hair and sporting something electric blue --- hopefully a yummy silky to die for dress. They're staring into each other's eyes with one of those looks that says---I think I'm going to kiss you, my lips are closing in for the kill. Your lips excite me more than chocolate!

You get my drift?

If I had to pick two ideal models, well they'd be Natalie Imbruglia (cos she's a beaut) and Gerry Butler *king of the gorgeous males* of course. Though I've plenty of understudies lined up if Gerry is working on a movie and too tied up.

Like the sound of it? What's your fantasy cover like? Go on...indulge me. And for any of you pubbed authors out there---what's been your fave to date and why? In fact I may even do a post with my alltime favourite covers...oooo the possibilities.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thinking Weekend

Last weekend was a writing weekend, this one is thinking time.
My daughter has a Winnie The Pooh toy that says---um think, think, think. I feel like I'm chanting the same thing now.

Thankfully I think I've managed to crawl out of the 'stuck' ditch and I have a all that's left to do is write and get the 'bleeding on the page' thing nailed (a comes the hard bit!)

Big thanks to my lovely CP Marcy for her eagle eye and courage leaping to my aid.

In other news I've booked my place for the RNA Conference 2009 in Penrith. Yeyey!

So---let's get on with the rest of the book then, I guess. I'm pulling on the writing chaps now and preparing to get back on the bronco.

Here's a Gerry Butler pic interlude to keep you interested while I'm gone. In this one he fits my hero Niall VUERRRRRY well.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Well the wordcount has stalled. For 30k I've had a blast and H and h have been 'sparking' like fury, interest and attraction has been kindled and acted on to a point. Yet now I'm mulling over...

Suddenly I've somehow forced some separation between the main protagonists. Sending the hero off to London on business...he's flying overhead as we speak.

I'm doubting myself here---is this happening to cause a shift, reflection, perspective between H and h? To make them see how they react without each other around? I had just advanced things to shared feelings of attraction...

Suddenly I'm making them stay apart. HARUMPH!

Is this a natural retreat? Or am I being guilty of sidestepping the conflict again? (a particular habit I can't seem to break). I don't want to cheat the reader...but I do think I might need them to have some time apart while they're 'hurtling turbo speed into a big affair'.

This is where the shirt sleeves must be rolled up more fully and the hard work really begins. I must dig out some favourite books and study hard.

Where do I go from here?
We shall see in the fullness of time.

Think I'm finding my own answers on this one thanks to a good bit of cribbing from my most favourite MnB authors---it's okay to have a separation, a bit of distance (as long as the waiting boring bit is offstage). But if you're going to have distance---make sure the return brings a bang, something worth the wait. Wow, now that's got me thinking (wink-nice one ladies!)

Monday, January 19, 2009

How did that happen?

30,000 words.

I know---Jude scratches head---I only started this total rewrite in early Jan 09.

How on earth did I get here? Besides the fact these people have taken over inside my head and are sending me slightly demented and crazy.

And if they don't stop singing The Killers songs at me I swear I'm going to go mad.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Writing Day

Contended sigh. Today is my beloved day when I get a few hours to write...bliss.
Hubby (I told you before he's a gem) is going to take the girls out (youngest probably on her bee bumper bike, eldest with pink scooter) and I get a few hours to sort my 'writer's head fuzz' out.

This week I've been itching to write. With no time to do it. I did manage one chapter earlier in the week. But the next one is pounding on my head wanting out.

Today's the day. Hurrah. jx

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Return Of The SPA DIVA

I'm back!!

My skin is peachy (a miracle no less) and pungently pampered. I had no idea so much gossiping can be done on a trio of poolside lounge beds...there were no cabana boys but still. I think we may also have hogged the steam room.

Being a spa diva appeals to me lots, even if my budget won't sustain it.

The birthday was wonderful. I don't even mind being this old now. I won't bore you with the bday gift parade details but it involved jewellery, 'resplendent handbags' and expensive chocolate. What's not to love?!

I'm not really a materialistic chic. But a landmark birthday kinda brought the 'turban wearer' in me to the fore (see duck at rear of pic---that one is me a la Jennifer Saunders). Now back to the grind. I'm on Chapter Four. Off with the fluffy robe and mules, writing sleeves are being rolled up now...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Big One

Tomorrow is a landmark birthday for me (yaboosucks).

Anyhoo I'll get over the gripes about turning this far on the clock---but so far 2009 and getting to this age is going good.

The writing mentoring is pure golddust! I'm enthused and learning a lot.

My lovely hubbie's laptop gift is just divine. What a great guy.

On Saturday I'm set to indulge in a spa day with my pals. I know, hard work isn't it.

Last but not least, yesterday I got a fabulous birthday surprise from one of my fave harl authors Susan Stephens. A signed birthday present book and card. Colour me gobsmacked and happy.

Makes you glad you're a romance reading groupie. Because the writing community is filled with lots and lots of luve and special people!

Please excuse me, must go exercise the lungs. I have a lot of candles to blow out tomorrow.


Friday, January 02, 2009


Two exciting things...

First up. We've booked our summer holiday cottage---yeyey! And it means I might be going to Penrith the weekend before (yahoo!) Complete joy.

Second. I'm totally rewriting the Winter Book. Yep you read it right. REWRITE. And yes, I am excited. I know, just call me crazy lady. So far the experience is kinda likably enticing. Starting with a blank screen is rather like a good purge, terrifying initally, but then liberating in the extreme.

2009 is the year for seizing it, yanking it and kissing it square on the chops. For now the crows can go peck elsewhere. Remind me I said this later...