Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Subbing Nerves

I'm about to sub...and am full of jitters.
I've never been this antsy before about sending a partial. And it's been two years since I last subbed, my comps slip was looking all rusty around the edges when I pulled it out of the folder the other night (where did that time go?) Maybe before the stakes weren't high enough---now I feel like I'm about to take a big trapeze leap and I'm not sure if there's a safety net below.

Cue biting of nails. Will I have any left by late summer, answer no!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

If You Go Down To The Woods Today...

Today's Mother's Day, it's also doubly special because it's my Mum's birthday. Happy Birthday Mum! So today we've had a special day at Grandma's with pressies and picnics and cake etc etc

Anyhoo---the purpose of this post it to note that my mum really is a gem. She's the sort of Mum who 'just gets on with it'. Doesn't make a big fuss, always puts herself last (much to our annoyance)and would far rather buy a wee gift to make someone else smile than anything nice for herself! She's also mad around the edges, great fun and a trooper when anything needs doing. She's always been this way and I consider myself so lucky to have her as mine.

Mum has been busy these last few weeks---daughter's school is having a craft day that's coming up soon. And Grandma has been busying away the hours in a flurry of pins making something for her wee grandchild to take in as a contribution. The result is...invasion of the mini teddies---please see above!

They're dinky, their heads move and all of them need good new homes!
Many an instalment of Ice Dancing has been missed because of these little chaps. Mum is finally about to finish her last few arran baby hats (in the shape of walnut whips) and then the pins are going away!

Thanks Mum. We hope the kidlets enjoy them!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Yep I'm feeling the f word.
Desperate to sit down and write, properly, a good old splurge. Last week was taken up with tweaking, polishing and ill children (both better now, thankfully).
And now I just wanna CREATE, get the wordage down and force the stuff out of my head that's rattling around in there desperate to get out!
But yep...you've guessed it. No time.
Lots to do...parents night...dentist appointments. You name it it's on the calendar.
I want to write, write, write!!!

So...to ease some of these frustrations I'm going to have an indulgent moment.
Brandon Flowers. Cue wistful sigh.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Pointer Sisters Moment...

...because. Yes, I'm so excited.
This book is (jude whispers very softly)...working...going kinda good.
I'm so excited again. Cue more Pointer Sisters.
For many years I've been writing, loving it, feeling the love for doing it. All a bit hit and miss may I add.
And right now---this book---suddenly just feels right! Feels me.
Don't wanna jinx though.
So remember. This is all said in a big whisper.
With a large whispered THANKYOU to Michelle Styles, without whom lots of lights would still be switched firmly off in this writer's foggy wee mind.
jx Squee! Word Count 40,000!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Girl Power

Well, I figured it wasn't fair to post a pic of my hero Niall and leave heroine Mairi a mystery.

Only this one was a problem---she's firmly in my head but I couldn't quite decide on who fits just right. Then I happened upon this pic of songstress Katy Perry...and well...I think it's the smile, the pose. Maybe it's the tartan skirt that did it too (ggg)---but she's Mairi to a T.

In other news I watched Mistresses last night with the intention of switching off after two minutes. Didn't switch off until The End. Hooked. Now I guess that's the sign of great characters. And fabulous men!
Writing progress---at Chapter Eight now on 'The book that is taking the longest'. I feel it's going slowly, but I do think it's going better. More action (thanks to wonderful mentor advice, I'm going for the action plus rapping myself on knuckles for repetition sins).
Half way through. Must keep at it.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Bags He's Mine

I've found a hero for 'the book that is taking the longest to write'

Yes, woke up and realised, that's my man!

Considering I watch Doctors most days, it was a bit of a doozy. He's Daniel a.k.a. Matthew Chambers.

And I think he fits my Niall perfectly. Ooooh.