Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Sun Is Shining...

Yes. Even in Scotland! Okay we've had a few drizzly days but most of last week was lurvely weather (good because our friends were visiting from Cornwall so they saw things at their best!)

And the sunshine is making me want to crack on and get a new WIP sorted out in my head. At the mo I have some random pieces of the puzzle but it's not concrete enough to get me buzzing yet. Must think, think, think.

Oh and the Conflict Course has been excellent. I did need it. Gave me some constructive tools to use now which have even worked retrospectively with the current submission so all to the good. Next month...Deep Editing. Does that come with a free deep pressure massage?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good Read and...Crows!

Hope you had a lovely Easter. The sun shone and ours was great.
I've also been immersed in and loving Blythe Gifford's wonderful historical Innocence Unveiled. Wistful sigh-it's just great. Not finished it yet and I don't want it to end (tho I do suspect a wonderful HEA will be the order of the day when I do!)
On the subject of crows-they arrived yesterday. Bah! Big blighters too. I know...way too early to be worrying about crows. But I am. I've put loads of ammo into this submission-but is it Lara Croft tanked up enough? Dagnamit. Will shoo the crows by reading more books.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Showers Rock

I've noticed lately...because I've been immersed in writing The Book That Has Taken The Longest...that I get lightbulb moments at particular times.

The shower is one place. Ping goes my brain and something fits. I have to keep a notepad there now (though it is a bit curly around the edges from the steam).

Also morning coffee. Sometimes click it just happens then too, right before I drain the mug.

Well today the shower came up trumps. Even though the books was (I thought) finished and the polishing done on paper something nagged in my brain. A scene missing towards the end...and I wasn't sure how/what/where etc etc.

Thank you shower jets. It appeared fully formed, the right piece that brings lots of the jigsaw together. A shower lightbulb beats a loofah any day!

If only my shower lightbulb moments could extend to other ironing, cleaning duty, clearing out the garage...Too much to ask?

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Polishing The Family Silver

Well...not really.
I'm polishing the WIP.
And, colour me surprised, it's been better than I anticipated. 100 pages done. I'm pretty pleased with it---I can see I've learned things. Executed growth a bit better than I ever have before. Will this make the difference---who knows?

Nothing like a great wodge of novel covered in pen alterations to make you feel like you're making PROGRESS.

Let's just hope the next half isn't as dented, mangled and rusty, as I strongly suspect. We can only hope! Bring out the dusters and TLC.

P.S. Oh and wouldn't you just bet it would be like that the WIP is slowly drawing to a craggy close. Guess who's popping into my head whispering stuff...Hmmm. It's Mairi's best friend Paula. I really don't need this but I suspect I will have no control as usual! Oh and here's the setting that's calling to me just as hard...

Monday, April 06, 2009

Learning Curve...BIG TIME

Well this week marks the start on my online course in CONFLICT. I'm very glad to be doing it (let's just say I had a deep feeling yelling inside me that I needed this---and I'm getting something out of it already!)

Second of all---after a week of IRKIRKIRK about finishing the book (the book that has taken the longest to write) and worrying about it I'm feeling a tad better. I'm at big print and polish stage---and I LOVE big print and polish stage. I'm growing to realise that I like this pretty much as well as I like the writing (it's the thought of it that's offputting but once you start, it's GOOD!) So. I'm polishing and tightening and my confidence is getting better...this could maybe work?

Confidence=progress. So yey!

Third of all---I just wanted to add some lines about the wonderful opportunity that being mentored has given me. I could wax and wax about it but I won't. Instead I'm going to jot down my three personal biggies...
  • Despite any inclinations to the contrary, this isn't ~writing showcase corner (fancy writing for its own sake)~ be hard with yourself and focus on story, move it on.
  • Don't shy away from the conflict---confront it, force your H and h together. Make it count.
  • Edit hard---if you've said it before---slash it!

I wanted to post because if it helps anyone else as much as it has done me then that's all to the good! THANK YOU MICHELLE :) I consider myself very lucky indeed for the personalised steer on how to curb the foibles.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The book is (very very almost) finished!!!

And this is how I feel.... *please watch right through, it's very worth it*