Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy Bee

I'm being busy.

Beavering. On a new WIP. Hurrah!

Sometimes it takes a wee shock injection to get me moving faster and this year's RNA Conference has acted as a spur to 'get on, get going, do it!'

Luckily I'm at the stage where it's flowing faster than my fingers can get it down...which is good. No doubt I'll hit the big progress-cruncher windscreen of word blockage soon enough. For now, its good. It's doable.

Friday, May 22, 2009


The mists are parting on the dithering...I splurged to a friend. Confided, expurged, lots of adjectives that portray 'ejected the furball of writer's rambling' in roughest format. Okay she may well tell me it's a hideous mess. But...

Hey presto. I have a title. Popped into my head (after sending the above) and often the right title just makes me fire ahead. Fingers crossed.

Why do I wander around and around and around?

Dirty draft syno next.

P.S. Big bad wolf did not appear. Much icky litter was gathered.
Now I must go and be rescued by an AA Man (our car is stuck by the roadside). Do you think he'll inspire alpha male material? Hoping for too much?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dithering And The Big Bad Wolf

I'm dithering.

Firstly this week I've had no time to write. Where does a week go? Hoovering and chasing the toddler mostly (a toddler who has a fondness for playing with a bright yellow feather duster that has now moulted everywhere---hence hoovering).

Secondly I'm dithering. Can't decide on a storyline to follow. Had written one chapter and wasn't feeling the love. So mentally toyed with another story. Now I'm drifting again. Am I the worst ditherer in the world? I seem to take an age to knuckle down...a bit like getting back to homework after the school holidays.

Dithering isn't good use of time. Today I am set to go help the Primary One Class pick litter in the woods. DD1 insists I go incase the Big Bad Wolf is lurking under a pile of litter. So I'm being a good mother and prospective wolf mugger.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Writer's Waiting Angst is here.
Yep. It hasn't even been two months and I'm now officially watching the mailbox, wondering when...if...etc etc etc.
I know it's pathetic and boring and crazy. But WWA makes me go WAAH.
Even Monty Halls and his many assets isn't quite taking the edge off.
Thank goodness for coffee with friends and good cake!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Full Monty

A few months back my beloved best pal texted me to urge me to check out the ultimate in hero inspiration.

Monty Halls. Drop dead inspiring.

I love best friends. Especially when they conjure up such magic. Makes me want to morph into Doris the pig so he'll tickle my snout.

My current hero is Monty. And now I'm feeling particularly keen to write!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Chick Flick Procrastination

When I'm floudering on the first few pages. Looking for the thread, the buzz...I resort to Chick Flicks.

Who needs an excuse?

Should I fight it? Or indulge?
P.S. I've done two pages...note to self: not good.

Monday, May 04, 2009

I smell...possibilities...

Ah yes. The WIP is done. The new idea a place being mulled in the mind only.

And suddenly excitement is starting to whimper softly...

All inspired by watching Bridezillas on Diva TV. Seeing a 'vury hot' young man in a St Andrew's coffee shop (for research purposes only) at the weekend too.

To quote Mystic Meg---Inspiration comes in many directions! Gather and learn!

Now we're starting to cook on gas!

Friday, May 01, 2009

Smelling The Roses

Today I decided I should smell the roses more. So...I went out and splurged on a new PINK yankee candle burner and matching fresh cut roses candle to go in it. It smells divine. Maybe tomorrow I'll go and buy some real ones too.

You see, in the last few days I woke up to the fact that obsessing about the current WIP and worrying about crows and negative wotnot gets in the way of life. And I'm lucky...I've just finished a book I've worked as hard as I can to make as good as I can.

Life should be good, it is good. I have beautiful daughters, a lovely hubby, treasurable pals. I even met a new writer pal this week who is gorgeous and I feel lucky to have met her *you know who you are*. Anyway where's the good in worrying myself into a high old angsty state incase this WIP isn't good enough? I've tried, I'm sending it out there. I'm on this journey and I'm unhindered by the obstacles so far along the way.

Huzzah! Anyway...

I've taken a big leap and learned loads this time. And I've had requests and editor feedback in the past. These things all make me lucky. It could still be an R but...that's just the chance you take. So smile, enjoy and look foward. That's what I intend to do. No more angst.

Smelling the roses is good for the soul. jx