Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Heart Susan

Contended sigh.

I'm reading a Susan Wiggs-Summer By The Sea. And it's now glued to my hand...I love Susan and have never managed to pick up one of her books yet and not find myself devouring it very fast. And smiling a lot. And hugging it to me like a warm fuzzy blanket.

Highly recommended. Also...I'm fortunate enough to have another small pile of 'Susans' stashed away for summer holiday sanity purposes. Thinking ahead there. 'Susans' make my world a happy place.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Men In Kilts...Because I'm Worth It

Tomorrow is a much-longed-for writing day (yey!) as my lovely *kitchen cleaning wizard* mother is looking after my littlest one.

Anyway...I'm at the research/inspiration craving point so I've been googling men in kilts. Best not to ask why but...I do have a hankering for a man in a skirt (perhaps because my dh is a Londoner who married me in a penguin suit). Note: not dressed up as a penguin, that would be silly/a bit worrying plus I'd have run at the altar. Penguin suit as in dress morning suit garb etc etc etc etc. I'll shut up now.'s the hunky line up. Views on the most gorgeous greatly appreciated.
Here come the boys...My own favourite will naturally always remain Gerry Butler.
Line up info:
The Scotch Beef Advert Kilted Man (apologies to veggies)
Gerry Butler and Ewan MacGregor
Alan Rickman (for Suzanne)
David Tennant
Gerard Butler in LEATHER KILT

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

Moving on from yesterday...

So my heroine's a rebel...I can deal with her (I think). The nanny heroine was a maniac and I coped.

The sun is shining a la Cannes. My mind is working overtime.

And now joy of joys as I type my mother is cleaning my kitchen surfaces with a microfibre cloth. Untold wonders bejove.

Today I am mostly enjoying the up vibe by listening to Madonna's Give It To Me (as positive a mantra song as ever existed-particularly useful for fantasising that you're demanding a full read from the powers at be at Mills and Boon!)

Ciao baby.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh my!

I DID get a chance to write this weekend. Snatched and grabbed though it was.
The result 5,000 words has morphed into 12,000 words. I have direction!

However...the heroine has thrown something entirely surprising at me that I had no idea about. I really should send her to naughty corner. A surprise that was so shockingly sprung on me I actually sat staring miffed and outraged at the screen.

As yet I don't know if this revelation is a good move...or a bad one.

Onwards and upwards. Or down. As the case may be.

Signed-Confused Writer From Fife With A Revolting Heroine.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Getting Psyched

Well, though the word count isn't getting on as much as I'd hoped. I am getting psyched to start a mammoth bichok session.

I've managed to rid some stinky albatross jobs from the cupboard and am nearly ready to get going on the WIP.

And boy can I not wait!

The good news...I've got the characters set. Ben and Mischa. And I'm liking...cute aren't they? What is it about a few pics that can make all the difference to getting some fire back in your belly? Enforced writing stops make me dig deeper into the photo and music files.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More words...

Yday was a washout. Littlest one not well. Today she's a wee bitty better. And I did manage some word uppage. Maybe by close of week the other worm will grow too. Hope so!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Bloggy Vow

Okay. You will note (eyes right) three new word worms.

You will recall my grunting man is as yet unactioned. Plus I have an edit/rewrite project that still needs attention.

Consider this a blog promise. I will pull my digit out this week. I will make those word worms grow!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cheesy But So Good

In honour of the fact I haven't thought too much today about the manuscript issue I thought I'd celebrate. CHEESY POP at it's best!

If you liked the film Music and Lyrics this one will raise a smile.

Reminds me of dancing around a pile of hot pink handbags as my bangles jangled. Oh and watch out for the lady in the daring peach frock-I'm thinking of running one up on the sewing machine myself. Traffic stopping stuff. Proof that Ryan can still get the babes! Definitely A Grade Alpha.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Happy Birthday Bobinog.

One very tired two year old is now snoozing after cake and Winnie The Pooh/Postman Pat overdose.
P.S. The postman survived the day too.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Art Of Postman Pouncing

Yep. I'm at pouncing on the postman stage.

Really I shouldn't be because three months haven't officially elapsed until the end of June. And it's only a partial...what hope is there for me if I get a request for the full.
See the mad staring eyes (see right). That's me. On a good morning.

Plus my postman wears his ipod headphones when he's on his rounds. It's really not fair of me to pounce. Evil smile. Tho it is kinda fun.

When oh when will this torture end?

On the upside tomorrow is toddler girl's 2nd birthday. Balloons, cake, pressies, more balloons. Plus a Rainbows p.j.s party for DD2 at night.

So the postman may just get off scot free tomorrow...or maybe not! Mwaaahahahahahaha!
Maybe all that cake will just send me scarier yet???

Saturday, June 06, 2009

More Monty

It's fair to say I don't get out much.

So imagine my great surprise tinged with bouncing delight when I discovered this...

Monty Halls has a website. Surftastic!
Too easy to thrill? Moi?!

Smellies From Heaven

I recently copied Jackie and did some NTIA (not thinking about it) purchasing...smellies from my fave Scottish smelly joint by mail order.

Okay, so I've not been thinking about it. But I still haven't had any time to write. The man is still grunting. No time to write him out of his grunting state. Which makes me a grumpy writer. Also hubbie is demanding writing favours for him (application form). Don't ask. It looks awfully boring. Lots of techno speak (ick). Plus bigger daughter was off school yday after being very sick everywhere plus I had to fit in a visit to the get the picture?

No writing being done around here. And still no sign of my lovely NTIA purchases. I was drumming my fingers for something to go right...

Then seconds later from ACTUALLY THINKING ABOUT IT 5pm the doorbell went dingdong. IT WAS MY SMELLY BOX. And now I'm appeased at not writing...or thinking about it...or getting two minutes together to myself...


P.S. Thanks to lovely writer pals who helped me lately. Zen like calm restored (not).

Monday, June 01, 2009

Grunting Man

My hero is not happy.
He's particularly annoyed at me. Because he's currently grunting and toiling and I'm nowhere near ready to write chapter two and end his labours...
Picture a bare chested gorgeous hunk digging in a field and you have the start of the second chapter I need to write.
Blame the sunshine and two busy kidlets for lack of productivity.
Must do better.
Meanwhile the hero will just have to grunt away. Good luck to all my writing buddies who are toiling hard on their WIPS right now . Nice to feel I'm not alone. Chant the mantra with me. We Can Do It! jx