Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't Expect Any Progress...

Don't expect any writing to get done around here full stop. For a while.
Don't expect cogent writing thinking to happen at all either.
Don't expect anything much expect laundryand low energy reserves.

Do expect mess. Do expect puddles. Do expect me in a state of mayhem for the foreseeable future.

It's called Potty Training. And I'm blaming it all on that. My toddler doesn't like nappies or pants (even the teeny tiny pants with cartoon pigs on bought at considerable expense!) Instead she is streaking on a regular basis. And sitting on her potty wearing an elephant trunk (don't ask!)

This calls for a big pile of books beside the potty. And patience! Yes, I've been wearing a trunk too (if it makes her sit, why fight it!) Let's hope she gets her head about wearing clothes on the bottom half of her body again.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Forget The Shed...

It's official. What I really, really need is one of these babies...

I'm going to save up for my own Submission Escape Zone POD. The perfect place to get away from bucket clutching and just big enough for a stash of choc and books *the ideal hidey hole to read Monty Halls' epic about Beachcomber Cottage too*. Fabbo! Though I suppose I could leave a sign on the outside for the postman...

Knock three times on the window if you want me!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Nanny Be Gone

Can't take Crazy Nanny no more.

Can't take watching the postman, can't bear junk mail rifling like a madwoman for anything that looks remotely like a reply.

Must get off this ride. Will go and live in the shed until it's over. Anyone got headache pills?


P.S. Won't moan again. Will take up making models out of matchsticks.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm scunnered: a Scots word meaning to be disgusted, bored or simply fed up (definition taken from urbandictionary).

Yep I'm polished out. Doing another final fine tune polish on Crazy Nanny so it's done and I can hide it away and pretend I'm free of its chains. After this...I've had it. No more. Is it just me or eventually do you want to throw it at the wall?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Aviator Fever!

I'm turning into a Plane Spotter.

Because of our proximity to Edinburgh and the Military Tattoo being on right now (see previous posts) we are regularly in the flight path for the jets speeding to fly past duty.

It's hard to ignore them. Put it this way, noisy is an understatement and I get very excited watching the clock for their arrival. Almost as exciting as watching Top Gun at the age I was when I first saw it! Yes, I did sport a curly Kelly McGillis perm but let's not dwell there.

Anyway. Here's an interesting article that reveals I'm not alone in following the planes. It's been causing emergency alert calls.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Things To Be Grateful For

Things to be grateful for -

Our new family pet fish - Charlie Bucket - yes he has a name now, is still swimming. Fingers crossed. So far, so good but don't quote me on it later if things get shaky.

My eldest is back at school today. New shoes, new bag, new uniform! New term. Again, so far so good...

I checked the status of my submission. Got an answer within the day. So it's not gone astray in the post. Time to dig in and wait some more.

Oh...and then there's chocolate. When all else fails, there's always chocolate and eyeing new handbags. These things will always remain.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


It's daughter's birthday this weekend. She doesn't want a party. She wants a goldfish. The PINK tank is ready and prepped awaiting the new household member.

She's very excited even though she can't settle on a name---we've been through Fifi, Alvin, Gilbert and Dave (?) I'd dropped hints of hero names like Blane and Kyle and Zack to no avail.

We're off to the Deep Sea Centre today to immerse ourselves in more underwater mania.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

20 Week Mark

Back around March time I sent off my keen little Romance Submission partial to Richmond.

It went complete with a fetching little comps slip I'd secreted away in a corner for such a happy day. Of course a tiny part of me hoped that like a Willie Wonka golden ticket the 'slip' might unlock immediate acreage of chocolate *sorry that should have read editor attention*.

Anyway. Not quite so. MnB HQ is as magical as Wonkaland itself. And anyway, rules mean you just have to wait in line like all the other chocolate *sorry romance writing* lovers out there anyway.

So, cutting to the chase, next week I should really chase up on my Romance partial sub.

Sigh...squirms...shoves hands in pockets...coughs. Do I have to?

Answer is yes, of course I do. I need to be my own agent. I need to check incase they've replied and it's gone postal AWOL.

SO why...does my heart go crazy just thinking about it? Probably because I figure even mentioning its existence will jinx it and make me go sliding up the Augustus Gloop Choco Drainage Pipe!!! Or being squeezed in the juicing room like Violet the giant blueberry. Can somebody hold my hand please?

Note to self---quit the Charlie DVD Repeat Watching. It's having a negative impact.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dress In Miniature

I promise I haven't been teasing. Had to wait for brother's camera's flashcard.

Anyway here's a small pic. When I wore the dress I felt like Catherine Zeta Jones. Here, I'm just me! Ah the wonders of self delusion.

In other news cracked some progress on the writing.

Book One is now completely done. Phew.

Book Two is turning more into workable putty again. The sticky hard to manage bit will be just around the corner no doubt.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The View From The Good Seats

Last night we were lucky to have a beautiful front row posh box view of Edinburgh's Military Tattoo 2009.

I hear it's sold out which is wonderful (credit cruch and all).

The music was amazing. The spectacle something to remember with lots of Robert Burns which I love. The last time I went to the Tattoo I was six years old and it rained as I sat eating sweeties in my kagoul.

Last night the weather was perfect. And I will always remember how it feels to drive through Edinburgh as part of a VIP party with a motorbike police escort!! Totally cool.
If you click the pic you should get a closer view. Not bad for a pic taken with my phone!
A dress pic may follow if my courage allows...

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Strapless In Seattle

It's not often I get out of the house of an evening (unless it's to buy groceries while the supermarket is quieter and the kids are asleep). be going out to a very swanky VIP evening function on Saturday that requires me mingle in the posh box and wear a tiered silk strapless dress *classy*, silk bolero shrug *chic* and patent wedge high heels *funky* is a red letter day indeed!

The dressing up has not been without a few glitches however.

One the dress is stapless. Two my chest has rapidly diminished (read disappeared) since the birth of DD2. Enough said about that the better. So, I fast realised I needed a clever compensatory undergarment (read scaffolding).
One that would show off my spent a lot of wonga on it dress.

So today, dear readers, you find me the proud new owner of a liquid filled bra. Yes liquid filled. You read it right. And it doesn't even come with a puncture repair kit.

Do you think MnB heroines ever have to go to their Glam Cinderella Come To Life affairs sporting seriously technogically advanced underwear cum flotation devices? No, probably not. Maybe I could aim to write one...

Note: please don't let me spring a leak during the champagne reception! Hubbie's tux is on hire! Equally the event is suitably high profile that if I disgace myself and cause a rumpus I could end up in the national papers. Wish me luck!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Harriet Plotter

I've always been a seat of the pants girl. Going into the mist. Ever hopeful. Dallying with a fresh twist as the fancy takes me. Storyline commitment phobic most probably.

Well by jingo. What do you know?

I've been reading Dwight Swain. Obsessing about Goal, Conflict, Disaster Scenes and Sequences.

And suddenly I'm morphing into a plotter. Yep. Planning, lists. Working out the twists and turns before I get carried away with the wordage.

What next? Spreadsheets and an anorak? Maybe even a crochet habit?

I blame waking up to the golden benefits of having a syno BEFORE I write the story. I'm having to Plot or Flop. Totally out of character and crazy mad. I blame Steve...this never happened before he came along.