Tuesday, March 30, 2010


No broadband.

Am I weeping? Almost.

This is cold turkey with no warning. And still more than a week until it's all sorted out.

Oh the pain! jx

P.S. Am comforting myself with a divine Nina Harrington read (thanks Nina, wink!) So there are some consolations! And this one is a chef in a kilt (NICE!)

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Major Attack Of The GRRRRs

Last week flew by. Changing fifty zillion squillion email and amending my contacts for everything under the sun...and the moon. More hours were taken up than I care to think about. Let's just say my ISP let me down, then it annoyed me, then it made things a ton load worse and cut me off (because of their error not mine!) Big sigh.

So now I have all my details changed. On everything from blogger to banking to how to pay my holiday balance!Isn't life a joy!

Is it just me or is changing ISP possibly one of the WORST EXPERIENCES on earth. Yes. I'm very grumpy. But I'm looking forward to a brand new shiny ISP that actually cares about its customers and doesn't make me spend four days on the phone to India when there's a fault on the line.

Rant over.

Oh and I went to see Elkie Brooks who was simply FABULOUS. A great many black moment ballads with attitude were enjoyed! How have you been anyway?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally I Find My Hero

The Nanny book is now never ever ever ever ever going to be touched again (unless I ever get revisions, dream dream). My ducks are finally in a row in terms of being ready with a plan of action for subbing it. So it's consigned to the 'wannabe in waiting' file and now it's onwards and upwards with the writing.
So The Crazy Crofter book that has taken me an age to get my head around is now back centre stage. And it's funny but taking all that time away from it and mulling it has helped hugely. I suddenly see why I struggled, why I kept writing myself in circles - a lot of the elements weren't the right fit. And now I have better ingredients to work with.

One last indulgence on the nanny story. I happily happened upon an actor who fits the bill for Coffee King Niall Monroe, my Nanny book hero. Here he is...Noah Wyle (from the Librarian films). He's so perfect Niall it's uncanny. And finding him is the final part of putting Nanny to rest for a while.

So ladies, what do you reckon? Hot single dad in need of nanny attention?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Super Marios!

It's been a hard couple of weeks. So here's my treat...
Marios Lekkas. He's very handsome, he's also rather young.
But I won't hold it against him because I'm worth it!
Yes, I seem to be having a weakness for those Greek boyz.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sick Daddy Pig

Daddy Jarvie is sick (the kids call him Daddy Pig after the character in the Peppa Pig cartoon). So Daddy Pig went and caught the toddler's virus (not a urine infection as the doc predicted after all). Said virus caused us to spend Saturday seeing emergency doc at hospital with a crying in abject pain toddler. The virus is rather gruesome: blisters on tongue, shakes and headache. And the only food groups tolerable to those afflicted are icecream and ham. So maybe Daddy Pig is an apt nickname after all.

Thankfully toddler is better.

Daddy Pig meanwhile is groaning and moaning from the spare bedroom (and not at my jokes!)

So again a non writing week. BUT I have done some writerly planning. This, my friends, is progress. I'm not normally a planner in the writing department. But I've been finding LISTS a useful release of writing-roadblock angst. And I'm nearly ready to submit again soon.

Hopefully the Pig Guy upstairs (I mean that most lovingly) will recover soon. So that Mummy Pig can get her hands on her keyboard again!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mini Bug

My wee one and I have some bugs going on. Touch wood the big kid doesn't have them yet.

No I don't mean headlice. I mean lethargy, fuggy head, temperature kind of buggy stuff.

So in the Judy Household this has meant:
A very cute toddler who just wants cuddles
A small voice lisping - "No feel well. I just want YOOOO!"
And no she doesn't want to go to Gym class because she went on strike halfway through this week. I knew just how she felt.
No writing for her Mummy
Lots of Peppa Pig
Overload of Barbie movies
Lots of drinks
Interupted sleep
Bleary eyes.

Normal service should resume soon.