Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Date For Your New Diary

  •  Out 28 January 2011 - 
  •  From The Wild Rose Press

I received great surprise news yesterday. Flirting With The Fireman will be available 28 January 2011! How cool is that! The fantastic people at The Wild Rose Press turned it around super fast before the Christmas hols - and I can't wait to finally see it up on the site.

So if you have an Xmas Kindle or Sony EReader from Santa - I promise it's a good, fun read for your cyber bookshelf!

I won't labour the details on my week's bad news - about me getting stuck in thick slush and ice and water and being unable to move the car.

Or about the trauma of having to ask a pal's husband to come and rally spin it out of there.

Or the look on his face when he saw it sitting in the middle of an an iceberg.

No we'll step away. Fast. And pretend it did not happen. Because it still makes me shudder and cringe.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fa La La La La

Hello all.

It's official. Nobody loves us. The Scots that is.

Next and M&S and a whole host of stores don't want our Scottish purchases online because they can't promise to deliver because we've been so frozen up. The snow has sent us to Coventry!

Though actually it beats me why folk would rush online to buy their Xmas pressies when the poor postie can't even get up the path (apply braincells people!)

Yes we've had a thaw (a thaw that still involves lots of ridgy and hard to navigate ice) but it has meant I escaped the house via bus (hurrah!) Now I'm just waiting with baited breath to see what develops re the next big cold snap! Hides in terror. Quakes in fear.

So youngest has a sparkly new snowsuit (cute) and she looks snugger than a very snug thing
Tomorrow it's her Xmas party - please Mr Snow be kind. She missed her Xmas Concert! And there's a rumour that a jolly fellow in red will be in attendance (please note Next - if HE can do it why can't you?)
Eldest can't wait to get her ordered snowboots (very pink, very large)
Eldest can't wait until her Friday afternoon Xmas party (something to do with the multi sequinned dress in the wardrobe - diva, diva, diva)
And I have finished all my shopping (well I do tend to start in January) and tonight is my chum's meet up Christmas Meal With The Mums. Hurrah! Crackers, hats and mirth.

On an extra point - thank heaven for the ereader because it means I don't have to get out to book binge. It really is a wizard invention and I boggle at its wonderfulness often (snowbound readership potential abounds!)

So I'll love you and leave you. And lets hope - not too cold again, not too much white stuff please! My nerves can't take more.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cabin Fever

Hello Gang.

Did I mention we had more dire snow on Monday?

Yes it's true. Thankfully I didn't go to my old Hendon Times works' reunion bash on Sunday or I'dve been stranded in Luton muttering to myself clasping a hot chocolate. Missed the old gang however. Can't beat a bunch of journos for a few drinks and a lot of gossip. They had a great time without me and I've had the full debrief from a lovely pal (who didn't even dance on the table - we must be getting old).

Hubbie's car was stuck in Edinburgh though he did get back. He's going to get winter tyres fittes asap (yes, he's been reading the huge manual to get to grips with his traction issues - boom boom!)

And now it's starting to thaw.

The sun is out though my windscreen wipers don't seem to want to come unstuck or be resuscitated. And maybe if this keeps up we might see the grass again by March.

Yes. The snow really is that high. So high our drive is a toboggan run.

The school reopened yesterday. I also nearly lost the littlest kidlet down an uncovered manhole.

Now I appreciate what Santa Claus has to deal with. The man deserves a pay rise. Or at least a sat nav and a can of deicer for Christmas.

Hope you're all keeping warm. jx

P.S. I now have a whole new appreciation for gravediggers after the mammoth dig out fest in our road.