Saturday, January 30, 2010


Lately I've been thinking I'm having a 'wobbly' start to the year on the writing front.

Hardly surprising really. For years 'Mills and Boon' publication was my dream, my goal, the thing I wiggled my toes about under the bed-clothes just before I fell asleep. Truly. I love Mills and Boon books from the heart. So when I got an R with no comps slip last year while I took it on the chin - hey I'm a veteran of writing now girlies - I think I then got delayed traumatic shock. Where had my dream gone? What would I do? Of course I did what any addict does, I transferred my addiction elsewhere pronto to avoid the emotional strain. And even when that rejection said good things I then got that confusion void.

So cutting to the chase. The mojo has needed serious counselling. A serious Stephen Covey meets Romance Diva motivational top up!

And it's with a great sense of renewed faith that I refer you to the wise words on Pat White's website. Rejections are 'road sign posts' to your goals. Don't take it personally. And tomorrow you may well nail it because it's about 'what's selling now'. Use this knowledge and continue. How true is that! How cool is that! I should add that Pat reveals in her website that she was a six time Golden Heart finalist. Wow.

In essence hang onto the good comments and keep at it. Take heed of the signs and let them guide you forward.

The truly lovely Nina Harrington also told me of the many books she'd written before her wonderful sale of Always The Bridesmaid (and what a wonderful book that was!) I suppose it's all about growing, learning, serving that important apprenticeship with your own creativity. Just doing it. Believing. Nina's route map changed but she kept one constant her focus. THE WRITING. She used the signs to go forward!

I have a lovely signed book from my biggest writing inspiration to date, Michelle Styles that just says 'believe!' How true!

So now I feel guilty for going 'foggy' and 'wimpy' again. 'Determination' must prevail.

I'm back to reading those signs and chanting the positives from those three motivational authors. Onwards I go with vigour.

January Results:
Not so much blogging. Not so much web surfing.
More writing done: one submission made with another in prepartion.
New project started (yey!)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Spoke To Soon...

Maybe not so lucky...

Car windscreen to be replaced.
Two tyres look dodgy not just one.

Bummer. But I'm still grateful the car was not filled with glass.

So. To Cheer Myself Up. Here's Alexis Papas. Now that makes everything better.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've had a couple of nearly disasters in the last few days.

I nearly ripped my tyre apart on a broken bottle I didn't see in a car park on the school run. End result, the tyre seems unscathed but I didn't take any chances and removed all the glass shards prior to reversing. No point in tempting fate further.

Upon getting back into the car I then realised I'd nearly had a worse disaster. A tile had fallen from the library roof bounced off a wall and rebounded into my windscreen. There was an imprint on the glass of the spot of impact. Again nearly a major breakage but amazingly (yes, I'm still pinching myself) the only harm done is loads of tile dust and fragments everywhere. I actually had to vacuum them off!

I'm still considering myself majorly lucky not to have been stuck in the car park with three kids and a broken windscreen. Sometimes nearly is a very good thing.

So I'm wondering if the rejected manuscipt getting passed on could be a good thing too?Otherwise I may never have considered a fresh route I've never taken before! Maybe I should be grateful in a strange way because Nanny is nearly ready for another outing. Here's hoping there's no mishaps.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Love To Rewrite

You know that T-Rex song 'I Love To Boogie'...well I'm changing the words.
It's true. I love to re-write.
I used to dread and fear it. I used to hate slashing my darlings. Yep, scardey cat moi.
But lately I just love it. I love letting something settle then going back and thinking why the heckady-do did I not make that happen quicker? Why wasn't I braver? Why didn't I add a bit more spark right here?
It's great.
Maybe I'm getting strange in my old age. Or maybe I'm just finally starting to get it.
So you've guessed it, the nanny is going for another outing soon. With a few nip tucks and botox in important places that I wish she'd had before.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Personal Revelation

I realised something yesterday with a thunk-a-dunk clang.

If in my writer's fantasy world I had to pick a man (other than darling hubby of course) to cross a room and take my hand to dance...I know who it would be. Truly. It's firmly rooted in my childhood fantasies.

I've tinkered with Patrick Dempsey (not literally though I'm sure I'd like to).
I jiggle at the thought of Gerry Butler (who wouldn't?)
Then there's George (Clooney naturally), Richard Armitage (how could I not?), Hugh Jackman (well it would be just wrong not to)...but still the fantasy didn't quite fit the bill.
So I went further back in my child-of-the-70s brain and considered Steve Austin the Bionic Man. And even got as desperate as remember my burning longing for Donny Osmond. But no.

Personal Revelation Result:

There's only one man I whole-heartedly hanker to waltz with and have point his whistle at me.

Christopher Plummer. So shoot me. It's official.

It's the eyes. The voice. The sharp looks. The killer grin. Sigh. And there's also the way he strums his guitar to Edelweiss.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Cooking With Gas

Maria is back in the building.

Sometimes...not always but just know you're heading off equipped. Happily it's happening that way right now. Of course it may not last...

So what's the special ingredient that's making this recipe have kick?

Confidence and the courage to just really be true to your own vibe. Plus the added bonus of a hand to hold.

I'm fastening my seat belt and composting like crazy. Bottom line, writing should be fun and seat of the pants enjoyable. Hope you're enjoying your writing life! Watch out for the splash at the bottom! jx

Saturday, January 16, 2010

That Maria Feeling...

To quote one of my favourite films *clue: it's set in Saltzburg* ...
"I should dream of the things I am seeking, I am seeking the courage I lack."
Nuff said.
Writing wise I'm carrying a tapestry bag and a guitar case. So question is when's the chorus going to kick in and when do I meet the Captain?? Hmmmh?
I need to finish that extra 10k and get some focus so I'll come back when I've found my Maria Mojo. She's in here somewhere...

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Snowy Birthday

It's my birthday *yaboosux* so it's very fitting that, as when I was born all those many misty years ago, there's snow! Everywhere. And thick thick ice and more snow.

My mother was telling me (as only a mother is entitled to on her babe's birthday) at great length about the snow and how a certain type of flu was rife when I was an infant... So not so much has changed. Toddler Girl is booked in for Swine Flu jab and even I am dreading it.

So on a cheerier note. The toddler can say Happy Birthday Mummy.
The big girl has reached many momentous landmarks in the last few weeks (top stars to big girl who is going to another bday party today). And later we will build a birthday snowman or woman. Maybe even with a tiara on. It has to be done. jx
P.S. Finished both Miranda Dickinson's Fairytale Of New York and Susan Wiggs' The Maiden's Hand on e-reader. Recommended reads both.
P.P.S. Too much bluster. Didn't manage another 10k. Pride before a fall and all that. But there's always next week!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Polishing Fingernails On Jumper...

10,000 words in 3 days.
No I'm not kidding. Yes I am chuffed. Yes I am avoiding chocolate and other SINS.
And I am aiming for another 10k in another 3.
Doesn't matter if it's 'prestige pantage'. It's mine!
This baby is going out again soon!
Watch my smoke.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Finger Flicking Good...

Or Why I Love My Birthday E-Reader...

Okay, I cheated. Hubbie gave me my e-reader early. And boy am I glad he did. I'm already addicted and have been reading up a storm. So here's the reasons I LOVE IT:

It's pink. Goes without saying.
It's compact and light and easy to use. Fits a dream in a handbag and holds up to 350books.
It holds charge for ages so no faffing about like there is with a mobile phone.
Easy to upload to. Really easy. Use included software plus Adobe Digital Editions and you're sorted.
Really easy to purchase books and have them appear in a matter of minutes ready for reading (now that is cool!) No waiting around for Amazon to bring me all those Susan Wiggs (yes Susan Wiggs is featuring largely in my reading!)
BEST OF ALL - it takes WORD DOCUMENTS. THIS IS FABULOUS FOR READING MSS FOR CPs and your own stuff! Just fabulous! So much better than printing off reams and reams of stuff.
You can make the font big or small whatever suits.
It feelts lovely in your hand and you can flick it with one finger (easier than a book in fact!)
No losing bookmarks (I have a habit of that!) Spend my life foraging in bed for bookmarks.
I honestly just love it. Wasn't sure I'd take to it so well.
But now we've bonded we're GOOD.

Things that surprised me in a not so good way:
I thought you could put MP3s on (mistake info on a website). You cannot use the Pocket Reader for MP3s. If you want that you need the Touch. It's okay I already
have an MP3 player so not fussed.
Mine came with a 'voucher' for ten downloads. This was a bit naughty; the downloads are actually freely available anyway. The ad made it sound like you could choose ten books (which technically you can but only the ten provided on a free site). Bearing in mind this did influence my choice it's a big naughty because I could've got it cheaper in John Lewis but I won't hold it against the pubber in question! I love it and it's spangly cover. And I sense we'll be long term friends now.