Friday, April 30, 2010

Tomorrow, New York

So the Nanny book is proofed to within an inch of its life and read on ereader to make double, triple sure. And American spellings have been labored over (see, notice that clever thing I just did?) Humor me, see I can't stop it now!

Anyway. It's a big print out day today. So tomorrow it goes in the mail to Special Edition NEW YORK. Yes my hands will be shaking, yes I will be in a tizz. But then it's time to move on. Tie up a couple of other jobs on the list to create headspace for writing proper again.

I'm sure I won't hear soon. But at least I know I've tried my best. In the meantime, if this song doesn't inspire you to write NOTHING will. Paloma Faith rocks. Go buy her CDs you won't regret it.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Nina Must Read

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to read a book I devoured from page one to the end. Don't you just love it when that happens? It's currently on Amazon for pre-order (the North American release) so I'd urge you to grab your copy. It's Nina Harrington's latest - Tipping The Waitress With Diamonds! And it's just my kind of book. Snappy, sexy with a world so irresistible you want to dive in and stay.

Yes I have turned into a Nina super-fan (don't call me stalker) but when her books are this good why would you keep quiet about it? It's the kind of romance you don't want to put down and features restaurant manager Sienna Rossi and super sexy hot kilted chef Brett Cameron (who could ask for anything more?) Especially when you have a front aisle seat on their falling in love journey.

Let's just say the heat of the kitchen has nothhing on these two. And Brett is a true sweetie at heart. All I'm saying is I wouldn't mind being forced to revamp a down at heel restaurant with this guy. In fact I'd pay good money and bolt all the doors behind me.

Lots of deep sigh moments, lots of fun, great sizzling sensual tension. And anyone who writes a hero who sometimes sports a kilt deserves a gold star in my opinion. Because the world needs all the sexy men in kilts it can get. Nina, here's to another great book! Thank you for allowing me a sneaky peek. You can read more on Nina's web here...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Month Away...

Yep. My broadband was gone for a whole month. A month!
But it's back now (big squidgy cuddle of welcome!) At triple the speed (hallelujah and a big thank you to Plusnet).

How I ran, skipped and pounced on it when I knew it was back! I'm just sad that way I guess.

But there is an upside to lack of webby comms.
1 You can do a lot of writing
2 You can do a lot of editing
3 You can do a lot of thinking
4 You can do a lot of reading
5 You can even plot an entire book and firm up the old 'I will nail this' mojo!

So next time I'm finding it hard to settle and my wordage is slower than dial up internet. Guess what I'll be unplugging...

Of course I still didn't tackle the housework. No point in torturing myself too much.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And The Result Is...

A full request on my Nanny book. Super nanny will soon be taking a trip to New York (wish I was too!)

I'm still buzzing. But pitching is a great experience. With a most lovely bunch of pitchers and hand holders. It's a pleasure to participate.

Must now go and lie down in a darkened room and find my composure (wherever that's gone!) grin jx

P.S. Still no internet. But it's a fairy dust day so who knows...
P.P.S. All pitchers got full requests, which is just perfect. And looking forward to seeing my pitch buddies again on the boards!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Found out that my pitch was picked for eharlequin's Silhouette Special Edition editor pitch!

Very happy.
But also very shocked. And nervous.
And very very grateful to Marcy. Who deserves lots of hugs and cheering for her amazing way of leading me to pitch right.

I'll be back when my head's stopped spinning. jx

P.S. No broadband and a U.S. editor chat. Thank goodness for family and good friends in reserve.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Joy Of Riff-Writing

Hi Guys
Apparently I am supposed to be getting broadband back as we know and love it next Tuesday. Let's just say I'm not counting my chooks. But we'll see!

In other news I'm currently doing a wonderful Writers' Univ course on Body Language! An online course with no online capability is tricky. But thanks to my dad's p.c. doable! And it's a terrific course. Body language, people watching, figuring stuff out that makes you go 'ah-ha!' frequently! And brings your characters' physical non verbal communication to life.

Which brings me to 'riff writing'. I only discovered this term whilst reading Elizabeth Lyons's wonderful Manuscript Makeover book. It's something that really connected. E.g. giving yourself freedom to sit and twiddle with your script, taking a lacklustre, static bit and trying to brainstorm it/up the ante/sling in fresh metaphors to transform it from a rusy nail into a gleaming pin that does more than just tick boxes. Hopefully it makes it pull the reader right in! Now that's powerful. And it seems to marry particularly well with body language...e.g. going back and seeing if you can put more on the page with body parts alone!

So. I've been riff-writing body language. It helps with the cyberless trauma. And it's wonderful fun.

The writer's equivalent of a good workout at the gym (not that I ever do THAT kinda stuff, too busy pretending to be busy). But you get the drift. I've been in the ZONE. And it feels mega! Suddenly one tiny little paragraph can lift a whole scene! Try it! Get those signals working, like adding final spice to a scene!


Now let's just see if I get my cyber world back as promised. jx

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can You Hear Me Sobbing?

I still have no home internet access. This is getting really, really bad.
Though I must admit. I've written about 20k last week. And plotted an entire book.
I know - that IS impressive.
Well a girl has to get her fix somehow!

Am thinking of getting a petition together - FREE JUDY'S BROADBAND!
Will y'all sign it? Do I really have to BEG?!