Sunday, January 30, 2011

Embrace Has It Covered

Fancy something decadent and romantic for Valentine's Day? I know just the place to head to.

Why not pamper your kindle and snaffle them all? I know I will! Roll on Feb 14th.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wait A Minute Mr Postman ...

I'd recently heard the news that New Love Stories Magazine is no longer trading. Which is sad because it's a great magazine with lovely stories. So imagine my surprise when the postman brought me this today ... I had to show the pic cos she's perfect! Thank you New Love Stories Magazine.

 Now back to the urgent proofing. No rest for the wicked. jx

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Review And A Blog Conga

Today Flirting With The Fireman is available from The Wild Rose Press. Yes it’s launch day. If you’re eager then The Wild Rose Press is the place to head.

You can find the link for the Kindle store here too.

If you need more convincing then you can find a great review here. Huge thanks to The Romance Reviews for lovely words and a four star rating:

"Combine a hot man in uniform and a not-so-mousy librarian and sparks will fly!
This story is a cute little romance that will delight any reader. The sarcasm and cat and mouse games played by Felicity and Rod have the reader laughing in delight!

Not only was this story completely captivating, but totally unique in my experience. A lot of information was covered and the book had the feel of a complete novel although it was only about 100 pages. Take the opportunity to check out this new author - an excellent effort for a first book!" Carole, The Romance Reviews

Thanks also to Night Owl Romance - "Felicity's journal entries to her Dear Diary Fairy Godmother were priceless. I am looking forward to seeing more work from this author in the future." Night Owl Romance

So what better way to celebrate – than with a brief conga around the blogs of some talented and marvellous writers who’ve kindly agreed to let me blow my party trumpet? Time to pick up a party hooter, don a glittery hat and let your inhibitions slide.

I’ve lined up a host of thought-provoking/bizarre/sassy and plain daft posts to get the word out – Flirting With The Fireman is available. Nanny Behaving Badly will also be out soon so I'll be talking about my feisty nanny story too.

So come see what you think! Don’t leave me sitting in a corner like Baby. Johnny would be cross and Dirty Dancing is no fun on your ownsome. Look out for the giveaway during the tour!

Judy’s Blog Conga details:

Blogging With A Hot Fireman and A Feisty Nanny

Rachel Lyndhurst - Tuesday 1 February

Sarah Grimm - Thursday 3 February

Marcy Bassett-Kennedy - Monday 7 February

Suzanne Jones - Thursday 10 February

Amber Leigh Williams, The Cozy Page - Sunday 13 February

Sarah Grimm – Monday 14 February

Marcy Bassett-Kennedy – Friday 18 February

The Minxes of Romance – Wednesday 23 February

Suzanne Jones – Monday 28th February

Rachel Brimble - Thursday 3 March

And if you'd like to join in the fun - leave me a comment. All welcome! I'd love to send you my snog cover for your blog!!

Hope you’ll keep me company.
Now let’s go party!!! Crank up Kool and The Gang please.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Librarian Needs Fire Extinguisher! Urgently!

Flirting With The Fireman Out Tomorrow

I’m thrilled to bursting to announce you can go buy Flirting With The Fireman tomorrow. Check it out here.

If you need further convincing to part with your hard earned cash then, my friend, I have great respect. I’m pretty long pocketed myself!

So let me tempt you in the hope you’ll cave:

  • It features a hot fireman
  • A diva librarian with a big obsession for fashion shoes
  • They can’t stand each other but there’s a lurking spark
  • Rod’s great in the kitchen – like men in aprons? You won’t be disappointed
  • It’s a sassy and snappy novella and it’s good to go now!
Why not join the Blog Conga over the next few weeks? Yes I’ll be touring round talking more about my books. I’ll be prodding you regularly with more hard sell. I won’t leave you alone for long. Sorry about that (cough, cough).

P.S. There will be a giveaway coming too. So you have to keep joining me on the blogs on the tour to find out what’s on offer! More details tomorrow.

Friday, January 21, 2011


A week today something exciting is set to happen ...

Can you guess what it is yet? (Said in a Rolf Harris impression voice :))

If you can't - here's a clue. Click here.

Deep breaths required.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Sorry I've been absent and quiet.

We've had a lot on. Birthday snow (yes it started again). Power cuts (don't ask!) To name but a few.

Oh yes and I've been knitting too:
One hat
Seven scarves
One fingerless mitten ( bored and haven't finished other one).

And thanks so much to all who left me their lovely birthday wishes. I didn't have a sore head or party myself silly. I was very restrained (shines halo!)

Though the same cannot be said for the friend's 40th Birthday Bonanza this weekend. Double Naughty Quota was exceeded.

Flirting With The Fireman will be out soon - cue cheers of hysteria. For all you lovely people with shiny new Kindles - there'll be a fabby addition to your digital shelf coming later this month. It's got a hot fireman, and a fiery heroine.

Stay tuned for tasters ...

In the meantime I'll try to stay off the knitting.

And the gin.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

Whether you celebrated with fireworks and frolics or a new knitting pattern, a hot drink and a biscuit (hmmm that would be me!) - here's wishing you have a fabulous 2011.

I have two books coming out this year so I'm very excited.

I also have some polishing and submitting to do. And lots of exciting things to knit (yep, easily pleased c'est moi!)

Here's wishing you busy fingers and lots of fun. jx