Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oops - Maddie's upset the boss!

The recent demise of Embrace Books means that Nanny Behaving Badly is no longer available for download. But, here's the upside...

SHE'S COMING BACK. A feisty heroine never lets the small things get her down. Maddie Adams will be back in action very soon and releasing in a brand new guise. So if you haven't got your copy, NANNY BEHAVING BADLY will be returning and she'll be brighter and sassier than ever!

The photograph fits this story perfectly (and huge thanks and kudos to wonderful photographer Anton Belovodchenko for allowing me to borrow her). More news on release dates soon. Squee!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Preps For Hols And Preps For Writing

Well, the schools have been out for three weeks now and it's passed quickly and we've had fun. The uniform is bought and the name labels delivered (don't talk about the sewing on part yet please!)

Next week 'the man of the hoose' is off work and then we go on holidays the week after next. Yeyey!

And the good part of this? Besides days out; frequent bistro lunches en famille, 'together time' and the fact that our holiday hotel has a lovely spa?

Good part equals the odd bit of free time. To compost the idea that's brewing and jot down some notes.

Yes people, it's story starter for ten time. And I'm raring to get moving!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Treat Without A Visa Receipt

Okay, there's a credit crunch on and we have to be creative with our rewards so ... I've picked my treat to myself for 'just gettin' the darned book done'.

And here it is ... I picked out yummy pics for the characters. I don't let myself do this too early or I procrastinate and spend too much time online. Anyway, I think as couples go they're pretty yum. In fact I think they're perfect. Presenting Anna Faris and James McAvoy. Cool huh? Do they look like they're ready for a combustible romance adventure?

Today is a writing day (polish, polish and polish some more). It's pouring with rain. The kids have a minder. Now let's get to it and avoid all further internet distractions! If in doubt, just push through! jx

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Writing. Fast. With Kids

As previously posted, it's the school summer hols (second week!) and unfortunately I'm in the midst of a 'get this book out of my head before my brain explodes' phase.

Sometimes I just need to write. Holidays or no holidays. Commitments or no commitments (ask my lovely friend who came to see me and stoutly accepted my need to spend frequent periods getting word count done! Now that's friendship!)

Anyway. I generally find that if I stop I lose momentum and it all goes awry. So ... here's my top tips for ensuring you get word count and don't have to deprive your kids during the hols. It can be done:

  • If your time is precious - treat it Nanowrimo style. Get a wordcount spreadsheet or word worm up and running and make it your mission to keep it moving up. Commit to that wordcount and make it rise in an OCD manner.
  • Treat it like a baton passing exercise! As soon as the hubbie comes in, or the kids are in bed, do 'Write or Die' or set a timer and just make yourself write at top speed! Limited time means get cracking! No time to waste! Don't worry if you're not in the mood - make yourself write yourself out of your funk instead!
  • Keep a notebook at the ready. Always. By the bed, by the loo, in your handbag. And postit notes are handy on the kitchen window ledge (my secret weapon). Sometimes inspiration strikes at the most inappropriate times. The notebook means you don't have to lose it. Jot it down. Sort it later!
  • Try to keep the story moving forward in your head. Keep working out that next scene. So what if previous bits need major surgery and a strong injection of plausibility? You just have to crack on because slowing is not an option! Just as 'Keep It Simple' is a great motto, so is 'Just Crack On'.
  • Accept that you might need late nights to achieve your objective (it's okay, you'll indulge in some earlies once it's done and polished! For now just push, push, push to The End!)
  • Reward - a treat is necessary for such hard graft. Surprise yourself with a pressie once you've done it!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Hitchcock Seagull

It's the school Summer holidays here in Scotland and Monday started wonderfully - scorching, glorious day.

Yesterday and today not so much. It's very rainy and the tent in the garden is soggy (should've brought it in!) To crown my day yesterday a seagull divebombed me! True. I didn't even see it but it spied me, launched and managed to hit me in the face with its wing. I was shocked and rather miffed. Fortunately I had my hood up (see above re rain) or it would've been scarier.

And to add insult ... it divebombed again with a rather special present that just missed messing my jeans. Have the seagulls gone nutso? Does too much fast food turn a seagull terminator? Or is it sign I should just stay inside and avoid low flying seabirds?