Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yey - A Lovely Review!

A big thank you to Reviewer Bec at The Romance Studio for a four hearts review of Flirting With The Fireman!

And what a lovely review it is - colour me very very happy. Here's a snippet -

"Both characters' backgrounds really made this story, along with the crazy dog incident that finally brought the hero and heroine closer together. I loved the idea of Felicity keeping a diary since it helped to vent her frustrations with Rod and the wedding as well as the anguish she felt when her aunt revealed her heart-breaking secret. Then there was Rod's selflessness in sharing his past battle with cancer which was also great, because it helped Felicity finally deal with the loss of her mother and her aunt's struggle for life. 

Lastly, this is a unique read that I wished could have been longer. It ended well with a change in Felicity's role in the wedding party, and a surprise just for her. It is a book that everyone should take the opportunity to read. Even if it is just to check out the manner in which it is written, because it surely is one of a kind." 
Overall rating:

You can read the whole review here! Thank you again!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coming Next - Off Limits Lover!

I'm very very pleased to announce that Embrace Books will be publishing another of my novels - Off Limits Lover!

Originally published by Moonlit Romance as Taking The Leap,  this was the first book I ever had accepted by a publisher. I'm delighted that Embrace want to bring it back to life! Here's what the reviewers had to say:

Judy Jarvie writes an excellent romance about two people who are so real we can't help but relate to them in some way. This is a unique tale as it tells of people who have adopted because of infertility.This is a superb romance with some suspense. It's set in a small village in Scotland with dialect and local color that enhance the tale.
***** The Romance Studio

And here's some blurb:

Practice nurse Anya Fraser's adopted son is at the centre of her life. But when her new senior partner, Dr Max Calder arrives at work, distracting her in too many ways, suddenly her anti-relationship mantra isn't working. Max volunteers to help her succeed at the charity parachute jump she's so terrified of and attraction simmers from the off. Taking a leap of faith has never proved so scary nor so attractive -- how will they cope with the challenge of working together and taking to the skies? And resisting a future their pasts taught them to avoid?
Embrace Books is an exciting new venture in quality digital romance publishing. Their books are fantastic, their covers are sublime. Here's to embracing another year with another new release. And I love the new title (thanks to the inspired editor). Off Limits Lover is just right - and coming later this year.

Of course in the meantime - you can still snaffle a copy of Nanny Behaving Badly here. Go on ... being naughty can be nice ...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Yellow Roses

Last week a very lovely friend bought me Yellow Roses (I love yellow roses, always have - actually I love lots of roses but yellow in particular or dark pink always make me go wow!) I'm a roses and freesias girl (hint to husband - only kidding!)

Anyhoo ...

The roses were particularly apt because right now I'm 'writing me a cowboy'. Yup! And he's mighty fine (it's okay - I only go into stereotypical Texan speak when I talk ABOUT him).

Anyway. Just had to share that. My cowboy, Gabe, is coming along nicely. And my roses are in a vase - in his honour! Happy smile!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grumpy McStumpy

Today I was not in a good mood.

I had plans ... things I wanted to do ... words I wanted to write. But disaster struck at school bus/exit house time when I realised ... HELP MY KEYS ARE MISSING.

So - had to leave the house (unlocked - psssst don't tell the local burglars!) in order to get kidlets to school. Searched the house. High low and everywhere in between. Pulled out beds, sofas, drawers. You name it I've snooped under it and run my hand down the back of it. No joy.

Enter - heroine Mother. She went and had not one, but two spares cut. To enable me to leave the house for school home time! Bless her, she really is a gem (and I mean that!)

My final 'if I must' look location was - yep, you've guessed it - the garbage, the trashcan, the dustbin from HELL! Not my favourite job on the list but I'd exhausted all other options.

And there lurking under last night's stinky salmon ... and potato salad ... and barbie hair (don't ask, she doesn't stand a chance in our house, think Toy Story 3 Toddler Room but worse) - THERE WERE MY KEYS. AWAITING DISPOSAL.

I wouldn't mind but last week eldest snaffled my 'gum shield' - yes I have one - and put it in her handbag! It's not good to feel so challenged by the swift and agile fingers in one's home.



And not best pleased.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

In Love ...

With Tangled.

We went to see it this weekend (after frequent promises to the kidlets) and in a near empty cinema! Oh I love the joys of a near empty cinema, worth the wait!

But I digress. The film left me reeling and smitten and wanting to see it a squillion times again. Here's why -
  • Cracking breakneck breathless pace that is just awesome.
  • Characters that are so good you just want to lick the screen (providing it's germ free). But seriously - THAT good.
  • Twists on the classic traditional fairytale that just make it so so so much more and better, better, fab.
  • Wondrous animation to marvel at! And great songs too.

So - at the risk of becoming a Tangled bore - I will simply say, if you haven't yet, go see it. And yes I will be buying the DVD. If only to enjoy hero Flynn's witty dialogue yet again! Even more excitingly the Tangled book is due to arrive from the school book fair later this week (squeak!)

P.S. If you need further proof - the kids loved it even more than me! Desperate to go straight back again. Now that's a hearty recommendation.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Beginnings

Don't you just love a fresh start?

The thrill of shiny characters, an exciting new horizon ... yes I'm in early chapter thrill stage. Trying to focus my wayward brain on the task in hand and tether down the wandering excitement.

Let's just say this man is helping things along ...

And it's not just his bubbles that are keeping me enthused.

P.S. Being a Sony EReader chick, I'm mightily chuffed at finding this - result!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Onwards and Upwards

Well - my blog conga (huge thanks to all who helped/assisted/put up with me) is at a close! Phew! It's been a rollercoaster few weeks and great fun. But life has to go on. Indeed.

I have things to write. People to knit. Actually that should read balls of wool. Cakes to eat (actually no that's out because I've cracked my tooth and am awaiting dental appointment via hesitant bites!)

Oh and today I have expensive shoes for small people to buy that will involve lights, sequins and the colour pink in abundance. Life goes on. So. Time to work, work, busy, busy.

Thank you all so much for putting up with the promo overload. Time to get back to the random musings methinks?!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Blog Visit And A Book Winner!

Today I'm blogging over at Rachel Brimble's blog (thank you Rachel!) Please drop by and say HI if you've time!

Book Winner News: Sarah Grimm kindly picked out a randomly selected winner for the fabulous copy of her book Not Without Risk (isn't that a scrumptious cover!)

 That lucky winner is Velda Brotherton! Velda please email me/or Sarah direct via our websites so we can get your mailing details to send you your prize! And enjoy the book - thanks to Sarah for dropping by and being so generous.

You can catch a review of Nanny Behaving Badly here! Three Hearts - thank you Sizzling Hot Books.