Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sassy Nanny Snippet

Both my E-Scape Press books are now out in the Amazon Kindle store and Omnilit - so I thought I'd post an excerpt just for fun. If you like fun romance with a Wintertime city setting then Nanny Behaving Badly is (hopefully) a hot frothy latte of a read - enjoy!

Lyle strode to the edge of the tub and helped her back out. When he pulled her to his side she was ludicrously covered in white foam and they were inches apart. In stark comparison he was still dry. And so was her mouth when she looked up at the vision of all man poster-perfect body, his well-muscled arms, chest and athletic legs in full view.
Maddie cursed her own impulses when she realised her robe was soaked, hanging open and dripping around her feet. There were suds balls in her hair.
‘You might have warned me you’re into foam parties,’ he said wryly. ‘There are people out there who’d pay good money to watch you.’
‘Shall I call 999?’ she asked meekly.Lyle laughed and it proved instantly infectious, causing her to giggle along as she stood dripping and covered in slippery foam. Nice way to impress the boss, Adams!
‘I’m sorry, Lyle,’ she said, knowing the laughter still didn’t detract from the crimson blush at her own crazy behaviour. ‘I’ve done it again, haven’t I? Like I did in the café. What is it with me and acting in haste?’
Lyle untied her robe for her. ‘You’d better take that off for starters.’ Him slipping the wet fabric from her shoulders made her gulp and shiver. She watched as he threw the sopping garment away. Became ultra aware of herself standing before him in a swimsuit like an unruly street urchin. 
‘Is saying sorry enough for you to overlook this incident?’ she asked.
‘No. I want to take the moral high-ground for a bit longer. Make you squirm.’ He scooped up a large foamy wad and split it in two, then put it on her shoulders. The hairs on her body reacted to the slight contact. She wanted more. And that would be a very bad move.
Maddie removed some foam from her hair and blew it back at him. ‘Wise guy, huh?’
© Judy Jarvie 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cover Lover

I have a new cover and yes, I love it, love it, love it!

Thank you E-Scape Press. Nanny Behaving Badly is now out on kindle! See it here.


NANNY BEHAVING BADLY - Strong, silent-type single dad hires wild streak nanny—off-limits opposites attract.

Maddie Adams hopes for a smooth ride in her new temporary coffee shop job so she doesn’t mean to make the worst impression possible with the handsome café owner, Lyle Sutherland. His suggestion that she becomes his son’s replacement nanny shocks them both.
Hormones are on fast-track living at close quarters. When attraction and passion are unleashed between boss and sassy super nanny, Lyle’s secrets and a shock pregnancy challenge old wounds. Can a new baby unite their futures? Can fledgling love survive corroded trust?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Naughty Kidlet

My four-year-old kidlet has been regularly singing London Bridge Is Falling Down at nursery recently.

Unfortunately when she tried to swing from my jeans' back pockets the other day, she came up with alternative lyrics. (Cough - Mummy's jeans are falling down.)

She now won't stop singing it. Especially in company. And laughing hysterically.

Will it ever pass?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Off Limits Lover at All Romance

I noticed today that Off Limits Lover is now available at All Romance Ebooks, an ebook distributor that I love.

I think it's a great place to shop when you want a mix of titles from several publishers. I also love its styling, clear layout and easy service.

A huge thank you to Sugarbeat's Books for the fabulous review and tout of Flirting With The Fireman - read it here.

Final Hot News : The new look Nanny Behaving Badly will be coming very soon! It's lip-smackingly gorgeous  too and I hope you'll agree!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dishy Doctor Glimpse

Just thought I'd post a teaser excerpt from Off Limits Lover - out now on kindle.

Published by E-Scape Press

Taking a risk on love can be the hardest challenge of all ...

Anya nibbled at the garlic dough balls and forked her mixed green salad. Then looked up – and straight into the oncoming, traffic-stopping gaze of the man they’d been talking about. Max ‘off duty senior partner’ Calder.
In casuals. Sexy. Alluring. Staring at her too. With the kind of gaze that severed underwear elastic of its own accord. Yep, very George Clooney.
Anya gulped and sipped her wine for Dutch courage. Then she ventured a smile. Max stood by the take-away counter in a dark leather jacket (so bad boy it hurt). And jeans (so well fitting they were a sin.) He threw her a brief nod.
She stuffed the pasta, olives, cheese and capers mixture she’d been twirling on her fork into her mouth, chewed, then swallowed before she could gasp aloud.
Help, had they been talking loud? Had he heard?
‘Don’t look,’ Anya said through a fixed grimace. ‘It’s Max and he’s looking.’ Suddenly she wished she could hide behind a super-slim menu and a tall pepper grinder.
Like the exhibitionist non-carer that she was, Katie swivelled fully in her seat and munched on her rocket and chicken pizza. She spotted him, extended a hand to wave in an obvious fashion and called over, ‘Yoo-hoo! Max! Join us, won’t you?’
‘Katie! Do you really have to?’ Anya hissed.
But the comment came too late, as Katie had already found him a chair to draw to their table. And with a smile Max was approaching.
‘Caught out ordering take-aways?’ Katie probed.
‘I’m on call. Late dinner. Couldn’t face cooking. Lame excuse but true. In the face of a San Remo pizza takeaway menu I submit every time. That’s what I get for pinning it to the fridge. Serves me right – no restraint whatsoever.’
He and Anya shared a simmering glance.
Was it meaningfully dealt? She barely knew her own name under that stare, let alone what red-hot looks meant.
Under his gaze and his steady smile, Anya felt obliged to smile again too.
His lip curled slightly in a look she’d observed on film stars. Successful, sexy ones that were known woman-magnets. And from the way nearby female diners were waving and greeting him, Max lived up to the analogy.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Out Now From E-Scape Press

Happy news today - E-Scape Press has just published Off Limits Lover and it's available now on Kindle.

I'm totally delighted with the cover. It's fabulous and fits the story to a T. So big thanks to lovely

The story is set in a small medical centre in Scotland and kicks off when the local heartthrob doctor announces his new job move. Here's some blurb:

Anya Fraser and Max Calder are both medical professionals who spend their work time caring for others. In their private lives they struggle with the past. Anya has a debilitating fear of heights. Max loves parachuting. He takes chances, she wants life to be slower, safer to protect herself and her son Callum. Max is willing to take a chance on the attraction they both feel. Can Anya get past her fears after she's already lost one partner with a dangerous lifestyle?

Come back soon - I'll post an excerpt.

And I'll be running an ebook giveaway as kindle candy. Hurray!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Can I Just Say ...

How fabulous this book is? It's Gemma Burgess's The Dating Detox. And right now it's on at discounted price so my advice is snap yours up.

I haven't smiled/chuckled and nodded my head wisely at a fun chick read this much in a LOOOONG time. And I'm racing through the page with mighty speed. Buy IT!