Saturday, November 26, 2011

Essential Listening

I'm writing again - and at the can't get it all out fast enough stage! Phew.

Anyway - my favourite part of a new book is always the playlist. And feeling that giddy in love vibe.

So here's my list. And it's fabulous. Very excited about this one because it's going to be huge FUN:

Paloma Faith – Upside Down
Caro Emerald – A Night Like This (check out video for immensely tasty hero inspiration!)
The Mavericks – Here Comes My Baby
Glen Campbell – Any Trouble

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Clear The Halls

I'm having an end of November clear out. Trying to bring some order before the December chaos begins. I'm secretly looking forward to said December chaos. At the weekend the kidlets had photos taken inside a Giant Snowglobe! Such fun - so I guess it's already begun!

This week I've sent in a novella submission. I don't imagine I will hear anything on that one until a few months into 2012.

I've also started playing with something new. Hurray.

So back to the clearing duties. In summary, so far - three bags to the dump (two recycled). And still more to sort. Slow but sure. Maybe Santa could spare an Organiser Elf to take me in hand before December kicks in?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanking The Universe

We survived the Titanic showcase - very well done P4 (actually we didn't survive, the passenger names I picked from the hat didn't make it but I'm moving on swiftly on that one!) The highlights - we enjoyed jelly with floating icebergs and tapioca amongst other delights!

In other news I've finished the latest book - just needs a good hard polish and we're done (anyone know where to buy a novel 'tumbler' where I can get it to a clean, sharp shine in record time?)  Perhaps that's an invention for the future - universe, over to you!

On the domestic front - the superstore man's just delivered five mins before his due time (now that's service), I've just re-ordered prescriptions online and am therefore feeling tickety boo in the e-organising section of my life. Thanks and appreciation for online wonderfulness in general and avoiding lengthy shopping trips and phone calls.

What next? Washing pile! And for that I can only be thankful for Mr Wash And Mr Tumble who after a bit of heavy feeding will take care of it for me. Except of course the ironing ...that might be pushing my luck. And asking too much of a very gracious universe.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Big Splash!

Today is a much anticipated one - my eldest (P4) has invited me and youngest in to her project showcase! They are studying The Titanic and eldest is completely obsessed and smitten with the topic. Which I am pleased about; when she likes something - she loves it to pieces!
So today we're going to be treated like first class passengers aboard The Titanic and though I'm delighted to be asked to go ... am I allowed to feel even just a bit of trepidation? Having seen the movie.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Busy, busy!

Sorry for my blog absence but I have been busy, honest.

I've a book to finish (here's hoping this weekend will crack it!) and of course it's been Halloween with all manner of preps to make - pumpkins come and pumpkins go. Plus a new book is shaking its 'listen to me now' stick at me in my head! Sometimes my brain feels very full of characters and ideas and conversations etc etc ...And frankly it gets hard to think straight!

So here I am briefly. And since the smallest kidlet has just walked in in the buff singing songs - I'm not here for long.

How are you anyway?