Saturday, March 31, 2012

Colour Me Excited

It's on again tomorrow.

Harry equals yum.

Will you be watching? I will. And I have a pile of 'nil points' snax at the ready e.g. fruit, fruit lashings of fruit and fizzy water.

By the way - lost 5 and a half lbs so far. Though I've not gone as far as choosing a new zazzy bikini I may have hopes of a new dress in a month or so! And let's not talk about Zumba and the things it does to your unprepped thighs. What a week! But I will soldier on.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nanny Review

Go here to read a good review of Nanny Behaving Badly at Fairytales4grownups!

"This title is what initially got me interested in reading this book.  I mean seriously…Nanny Behaving Badly, couldn’t be more interesting than that ha-ha.  The last couple of books before this were kind of hard for me to get into.  I’m not sure what was up, maybe just stress from school and life, but I’m glad Nanny Behaving Badly was the one I decided on to bring me back to the joy of reading romance novels."  Read the whole thing here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Slimming, Walking And Scales Oh My!

Go here for news of my latest release! Squee!

Pitched Into Love will be coming out in ebook format soon and I'm very excited. And excited to be out at the same time as the fabulous Nell Dixon too.

In other news, I've been absent for a wee while - apologies. But I've been busy. Polishing my halo. I've joined Weight Watchers and was determined to make sure I made a dent in my first few weeks by totting up some loss.
This week I lost 4lbs. (Takes a bow whilst trying not to show big behind).

Over the past few years I've let the weight creep up and though I don't imagine I'll ever look good in a swimsuit, I'd at least prefer not to frighten passers by.

So. Another week begins. With Zumba and several powerwalks planned into the diary.
And promises to obey my eating rules and regs. Sigh.
Sadly all I can think about are choux buns and cake! Will dreams of donuts ever stop?!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

My First Large Print

Just a quick fly-by to say ... Pitched Into Love is now scheduled to be published as a paperback large print book! So excited and very pleased indeed.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Free Kindle Treat Today And Tomorrow

Is your Kindle romance bookshelf looking for some new action?

You can get your eager handy-pandies on a fab read for FREE today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday).

The Morning After by the lovely Sally Clements is available in the Kindlestore now. I'm already a huge fan of Sally's wonderful Catch Me A Catch. So why not go grab your own Clements appetizer?

And here's a pic and some words candy to tempt you :) Don't miss out.

One photo changes everything...
A mortifying incident in her youth has shaken sense into Cara Byrne. No more bad-boys. No more getting arrested. Instead, hard work and good behaviour has earned her a job teaching at the local Boys Secondary School, and a proposal from a worthy man. So what if he doesn't exactly light her fire - surely passion is overrated?
When her friend since childhood, Ethan Quinn, storms back into the small Irish village he left to pursue a career as a Hollywood action hero, she's stunned to discover she's as susceptible to his lethal charm as every woman in the world. And when a compromising photograph floods the media of them in a clinch, her almost fiancé reveals his true colours, CarEthan starts trending on twitter, and she loses her job, could anyone blame her if she accepts his invitation to hide out at his Malibu beach house?
Ethan loves women, but never lets his girlfriends into his heart. He's failed at being there in the past, and won't put his heart on the line for anyone, ever again. But Cara's a different matter - and when passionate attraction is added to his friendship with the one person he's always confided in, he's thrown for a loop. Cara's lost everything, and like it or not, he's responsible. There's no fighting the attraction that blazes between them - but when the month long affair is over, will he ever be able to let her go?