Monday, January 30, 2012

The Cowboy Has Left The Building

My cowboy novel has gone to the editor who requested it. I anticipate a six week wait. I am not good at waiting. But ... I promised myself at the start of 2012 I would mend my ways. I won't waste time moping or grieving the loss of Gorgeous Gabe the Texan cowboy from my otherwise grey January life. Nope.

I will stay strong. I will not turn to chocolate.
Instead I will stay positive and focused.
And aim to get my current 50k target WIP licked into shape (inspiration permitting).

The good thing about having a book on supermarket shelves; it gives you a yearning to prove to yourself that it wasn't just a fluke! So the crows can go peck somewhere else while I sit in this chair and just write.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pitched Into Love

My Pocket Novel is out today. Here's a picture taken in Asda on the quiet! Available now from good newsagents and some superstores.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Everything Stops

I am doing revisions. So sadly the 100k challenge has stopped (I live in hope of catching up since technically I am still writing every day)!
So feel free to talk among yourselves while I jump on my sword.
This one is tricky. It involves a very hunky cowboy who's more than a bit difficult. But I do love a challenge.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's Arrived!

Pitched Into Love from My Weekly Pocket Novels - 0ut 26 Jan 2012
Pitched Into Love arrived on the mat today! (Phew says the postman who's been watching me strangely!!!)

It should be in shops (Asdas, Tescos, WH Smiths and good newsagents) week of 26th January. Is it my imagination or is there something v Gerard Butler about hero Jack? Yum

Steph Baxter goes to the highlands to help out her pregnant friend Ally and her husband. She doesn't expect to end up battling to help save their stunning movie-style castle hotel. Or  to wind up assisting and falling for its equally impressive part-owner Jack McGregor! Steph's highland adventure brings a tough mission, a hot man and a massive challenge for a woman who likes to give every task 100%.

In the meantime - Margaret Mounsdon has a My Weekly Pocket Novel out this week titled - Second Time Around. Go buy it!

Monday, January 09, 2012

Tiara Out Today!

It's my birthday today (aherm, cough, pretends to mumble how many years). And usually I don't make a fuss.

Today is different - I now have someone fabulous to share my birthdays with in future - Kate Middleton. Yes ... the beautiful, dazzling, chic and gorgeous lady herself.

All these years and 9th Jan was a pretty gloomy time to have a birthday (everyone's in post Xmas hols gloom and the shops are full of sales tat so vouchers have to be lovingly stored and not spent!)  Anyhoo...
Now I'm birthdaymates with someone very groovy. How good is that?! Tiaratastic.

Birthday booty details - amber jewellery (insert 'wooo-fancy yerself' noise); slippers (yes, I get off on slippers and I don't mean the Cinderella kind); pyjamas so smooth I'll feel like a feather on the breeze (yes I get off on soft pyjamas - it's my birthday and I'll strop if I want to). A Nina Harrington book I wanted (yes, yes and thrice yes!) A big book of The Jackie (showing my age - but very good!) And finally chocolate! Cue large smile.

P.S. On the down side Pocket Novels haven't arrived yet. So still stalking the postman - it should be soon though!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Writing Challenge

You may spot from the word worm in the sidebar that I'm currently doing a 100k in 100 days challenge (for more info click on the link above the wordcount bar!) I'm at 11% (of my first 50k target) and it's day five. And I'm determined to do it with a lightness of heart! I'm aiming for slow, steady and enjoyable (sometimes I hare off and run out of steam 'tis true.)

Anyway - just to say I think commiting to a writing challenge like this one is a great way to start the New Year.

News coming soon about 'Pitching In' (and hopefully a cover). I'm hoping that a copy may drop through the door next week (cue excitement) and I anticipate it may be in the shops week of the 26th Jan. Did I mention how much I love DC Thomson Pocket novel covers? Well, I have a big CRUSH on them. They're beautiful and I always look foward to my two titles a month arriving on the mat.

So I will definitely be stalking the postman (sorry postie, I'll try not to scare you - forgive me! It's a writer's angst and ecstacy thing.)

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcome 2012

Well the old year's gone. The new year's begun - exciting eh?
So what are your plans for the next twelve months ahead?
I know what mine are - to write, write like the wind - and have the best time doing it! Yeeha!
Happy New Year To You!