Saturday, June 30, 2012

Ready, Steady - Free! Nearly!

For the limited period of 1 -3 July you'll be able to get a FREE copy of Off Limits Lover on kindle.Yes free. All yours to read and hug and love as you see fit. And no parting with coins involved.

The lovely Dr Max (my first published hero) and cute n quirky nurse heroine Anya Fraser (let's just say she's a trooper but she's not over fond of heights) can be yours to decorate your kindle shelf and add some extra reading matter to your life.

And being FREE what's to lose?
Here's a review to whet your appetite -

Anya Fraser and Max Calder are both medical professionals who spend their work time caring for others. In their private lives they struggle with the past. Anya has a debilitating fear of heights. Max loves parachuting. He takes chances, she wants life to be slower, safer to protect herself and her son Callum. Max is willing to take a chance on the attraction they both feel. Can Anya get past her fears after she's already lost one partner with a dangerous lifestyle? 

This is a superb romance with some suspense. It's set in a small village in Scotland with dialect and local color that enhance the tale. - The Romance Studio *****

But for now you'll just have to wait some more hours (and longer in the States). But I'll post some links when it's up LIVE AND FREE. Meanwhile thank you to the lovely people at E-Scape for making this free kindle magic happen!