Monday, March 18, 2013

Tempted By A Texan Cowboy?

Today is the official release date of TAKING ON THE TEXAN published by E-Scape Press.

Click here for the Amazon Kindle purchase link.

Taking On The Texan is not only my favourite cover to date but the story and particularly the hero's teasing ways were great fun to write.

To celebrate the release E-Scape are offering one lucky competition respondent a gorgeous Highland Soap Company pamper pack in your choice for fragrance (yummy!) Now that's very cool.

I am a big fan of their lovely body pampering products and soaps - in fact I have been to their Spean Bridge shop!

There will also be a runner-up prize of back-list hard copy books from me.

So without further ado here's how you could win ...

Answer this question - What is the name of Jess's soap shop in Taking On The Texan? (Big clue, you'll find it in the previously quoted excerpt!) Send your answer to jarviejudy @ gmail dot com (no spaces and a normal dot not a written one!)

I'll randomly draw a winner and runner up from the correct answers on Thursday 21 March, 2013. So hurry and enter now!

All that's left to say is - good luck, and huge thank yous to the very lovely E-Scape Press. Hope you enjoy a highland fling with Texan cowboy Gabe!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Taking On The Texan Out Monday!

Yee-ha! I'm very pleased to confirm that Monday will be the release date for Taking On The Texan.

Taking On The Texan will be out on kindle from E-Scape Press (previously published as Secret Billionaire by DC Thomson Bridges and Knight)! It's got a gorgeous cover that I am so happy to flash around (my fave cover yet!) Isn't he lovely?

And in honour of the occasion the lovely people at E-Scape Press are offering a fabulous giveaway of super-exciting smellies to commemorate the release! (This book has a rather potent and delicious soap and body goods shop in the story!)

More about the wonderful Scottish-inspired prize on Monday.

But to whet your appetite for the book here's an may also need to read this for the question answer for the giveaway on Monday (heavy hint intended!)

Here's the bit where Jess meets Gabe in Taking On The Texan ...hope you like him as much as I did!

Re-arranging stock in Pure Pleasures had lately become a task best achieved by an acrobat. Or someone with proficiency on stilts.
            Sadly Jess Gilmour only realised this as she teetered on her seen-better-days step ladder and over-stretched to stow a basket on its shelf.
The ladder swayed, her foot jerked and she grabbed out. When her flailing fingers found the wall, Jess balanced gingerly afraid to move. Or breathe.
Her friend Ruth had warned earlier—Don’t overstretch yourself, Jess. You’re running yourself into the ground. She’d been talking about work obligations – from The Crofter’s Flask Inn to her pride and joy soap shop business, Pure Pleasures. Invergarry may be a rural highland backwater in Scotland but for Jess it was a busy place to be.
            Disaster struck as the basket slipped, decanting lavender heads in a fast speed shower and falling with a thud on the floor. The ladder shook and Jess felt panic rise as she wedged a toe against the counter.
            “Help!” she muttered; a fruitless plea because she was all alone in the shop, about to fall from a ladder. As if by magic, the door bells jangled to herald a visitor’s arrival as Jess let out a strangled yelp, “I’m in trouble.”
            Loud footsteps approached and firm, unseen hands gripped her from behind. The ladder fell as she was lifted clear. A sharp male sigh accompanied the movement and Jess was swiftly steadied then lifted with easy strength, then lowered as woodsy male cologne spiced the air.
            “You like climbing walls?” The voice was deep and caramel rich; its owner’s identity, still a complete mystery.
But right now Jess was trying to get her breath back after near disaster, while the nearness of the stranger made the tiny hairs on her arms stand to attention.
            “Sorry … I got too adventurous there,” Jess muttered as confusion mixed a Molotov cocktail for her nerves. “I mean, sorry to commandeer you into helping me.”
            “You’re going to have to mend your ways in future,” the voice added darkly. “Dangerous tricks like that one aren’t a sensible move.”
Jess didn’t recognise his deep American tones; he must be a tourist. And fortunately, he’d just saved her from calamity with hands that still gripped her shoulders firmly.
She regained her balance then tucked her hair behind her ears. Then Jess turned when he let her go. She already felt like a foolhardy kid caught climbing an apple tree in roller skates. But when she glanced at her rescuer, she needed a fresh breath of air.
Like the near-miss fall he was breath-taking. As in gorgeous.
And equally hazardous.