Thursday, June 06, 2013

Back After a Me Break

Sorry to have so neglected my lonesome but trusty blog.

I've been away awhile. Firstly I was recovering from major surgery and then unfortunately we have been dealing with some serious family illnesses that knocked us all back a bit. It meant putting my poor old blog and my writing on the backburner for a while. In fact I didn't sit at a computer in months. Sometimes you just have to put yourself and your loved ones first.

However I'm back with good news - as my Mum's op went well and my Dad's hormone treatment has also had a good report. I am so very gateful and pleased for that.

Now I just have to crack on with my own stuff and get my writing mojo back... Well I can think about it for a wee while. And hope. And for now I might just get out a notebook for some jottings! Sounds like a plan.