Monday, March 28, 2016

Plot Twists And Sneaky Characters

Is it just me or do plot twists sneak up on you like dirty black ops muggers hiding in a skip?

I have this strange idea that 'proper authors' know what they're going to do. At least before it jumps out and gives them the hoo-has. In my fantasy author-scape they set out on the writing journey thinking - a-ha, I have a sneaky twist they won't see coming and it'll smash them!

Not so for me. I'll be jogging along on my happy writing way when I'm wrestled to the ground by a big thumping ugly plot twist that not only knocks me for sixty five gazillion hundred thousand. BUT it actually takes me more days to recover from this mad, surprise occurrence than it does to write the darn scene.

I don't set out to write plot twists. They happen. Often  upsetting me rather a lot.

Which brings me to my second gripe of the week. Characters who hold out and hide the story on purpose. Yes. They deserve time behind bars and months without chocolate. It's not part of the deal. But I do seem to end up having at least one or two characters who make me wait...and wait...and angst...and overthink. And then just like the dirty fat skunky PLOT TWIST from hell they are sharing company with, the good for nuthin' character suddenly winks an eye and says - ah you see, what you failed to pick up on was my past jigsaw piece you missed.

So is this just me? Dysfunctional?

Am I slow? Deranged? Deluded?

Or do my books just hammer into smithereens every ounce of good sense I have left by making me work and surprising the socks off me in equal measure.

Views and shared experiences welcome. Pesky plot twists (grumble grumble..)